Skin Care Review | Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

Now I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to cleansers, I just love them! I don’t know what it is about cleaning my face, but there really is no better feeling than fresh clean skin, especially after a day of wearing make up. There are so many different types of cleansers out there including foaming, creams, gels, clays, wipes, oils and balms. In fact there’s pretty much anything to suit anyone.

Referring to my love of cleansers, and my mutual love of anything rose scented, you won’t be surprised to hear that just before the end of last year I picked up Elemis’ Limited Edition Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm. The fact that I managed to get my hands on the supersize 200g tub for pretty much half price in the Black Friday sale was amazing enough (should have been £68 and I got it for a stonking £30!), but I also love that this special edition was designed by fashion house Lily & Lionel in support of Breast Cancer Care & The Pink Agenda, Elemis donating £25,000/$25,000 to each charity regardless of total sales. How amazing is that!

Pro Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm comes packaged in an elegantly designed, pink, almost upside down hat box style box, secured with a deep charcoal bowed ribbon. Very luxe! Inside there sits a large, pink 200ml rose adorned tub, with a silver screw top lid. For a start I am a big fan of how the product is dispensed, as a nice big open top tub means you can reach every last bit and don’t end up wrestling with the bottom of a tube for the very last dregs, which is certainly a requirement based on the RRP of this stuff! Included inside the box is a small scooping spatula and a soft, white Elemis cleansing cloth which you use to remove the balm from the skin. Presentation wise this cleanser gets a big old 10/10 from me. It’s got a good quality feel to it, is practical and looks absolutely stunning on the bathroom counter.

Under the lid and inside the tub you find a luxuriously silky, golden coloured balm, who’s beautifully potent English Rose scent hits you in the face as soon as you expose it. I won’t lie the scent is rather strong, so if you don’t like floral rose smells then you probably won’t like this. I’d say there’s a bit of a Marmite situation going on. But personally it’s right up my alley and the fragrance really enhances the aromatherapy experience. For a balm the texture is actually quite soft, it’s not one of those hard balms that you have to scrape out of the tub, and the spatula glides through it smoothly making it nice and easy to take what you need.

I’ve been aiming to use roughly a large pea size amount, and this seems to be doing the job just fine, both for cleansing a bare face, and removing make up. I’ve tried applying it to wet and dry skin, however I do think I prefer applying to wet skin as the balm turn a little milky and moves across my face a little easier when massaging it in. Elemis do however recommend applying to dry skin and massaging in with wet fingertips. Either way works well in my opinion. The texture is quite intriguing to me, as from first appearance you would imagine the balm to feel quite oily, or even leave a certainly oiliness to the face once removed, but it really doesn’t. It nourishes the skin like a oil cleanser would feel to, without all of that left over residue. There’s no struggle to wipe it away and it get’s rid of all the grime and make up in a jiffy. I love it! Having looked at the list of ingredients, I can see that the balm contains a number of oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, geranium, elderberry seed, rose flower, star flower and rosehip (if this isn’t giving you an idea of how lush this smells I don’t know what will!). I don’t honestly know what properties each of these brings to the table, but what I can tell you is that the combination of all of these oils alongside other ingredients such as shea butter and rose extract make for a sensual concoction that really is a pleasure to use.

Would I use this again in the future? Yes, based on the whole product quality and experience of using it itself, without a shadow of a doubt. My skin loves it! Would I actually purchase it again? Unless I could get it for the same amazing price that I did on the Black Friday deal, I really don’t think I would. I’d seriously have to assess to see how long this large tub lasts me and work out an idea of cost per month, and with it being a limited edition I’m not even sure I’d even be able to get hold of the 200g tub once current supplies have sold out. The smaller usual 105g pot has an RRP of £43, and if you decide to follow Elemis’ suggestion of using a teaspoon of balm for a couple of ten minute masks you’ll soon power through the lot! At the moment I’m using it alternatively alongside my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish so am enjoying dragging out the consumption for as long as I can! This balm is certainly what I would class as more of a luxury skin care item, and for me would be a fab treat for once a year, but I just don’t think my bank balance would forgive me for making it my only cleanser! Plus I love trying different products here and there. So this may appear on my bathroom counter again in the future, but we’ll have to see! The fact that Elemis are donating such huge amounts to the previously mentioned breast cancer charities, and are a cruelty free beauty brand, do make the cost a teeny bit more excusable I suppose.

Even though this 200g supersize pot was a limited edition, I have still found a site where you can get your hands on it! Fabled. com have it here for the full retail price of £68. You can however purchase the regular 105g pot directly from Elemis and other retailers such as QVC and the usual high street stores.

So there we have it! I hope you’re enjoyed learning a little more about another lovely skin care products, and I’d love to know if you’ve used this or the original Elemis Pro Collagen Balm and what you think to it. Let me know in the comments! On a final note I want to apologise for the layout and quality of some of the images and text in this post. I’m having a few teething issues with the recent update from WordPress and hope to be able to rectify these soon!

With Love

2 thoughts on “Skin Care Review | Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      I know right! It was a total one off that I just couldn’t say no to and so so glad I didn’t as it’s really impressed. Let me know if you try the Rose version and what you think! I’m yet to even try the original x


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