Product Review | Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Pen

I’m excited today not only to be reviewing a beauty product, but in fact a beauty gadget! Some of you may know that I’ve struggled with mild acne for a couple of years now, since about 27 onwards in particular, and now whilst pregnant my skin doesn’t seem to be being any kinder to me either. I’m pretty positive that it’s hormonal as it’s always predominantly been around my chin and forehead area and no matter what topical cream, lotion or potion I try (or even ban from my face) I haven’t found a long-term effective solution. Well that’s a lie, I have but it involves prescription medication that I’m not able to take whilst being ‘with child’.

Whilst spending a lot of time online I’ve seen an abundance of adverts for light therapy acne treatments, which use a combination of both blue and red light to target bacteria and reduce inflammation within the spots. These treatments are commonly available in the form of full face masks that you use for a set period of time then dispose of.  However during my internet browsing I discovered the same light treatment delivered in a different way, in the form of a small pen like device that targets an individual spot at a time rather than treating the entire face. And so I introduce to you the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment! Try saying that with a mouth full of biscuits.


So, what does the NVCLTTAST (in lazy terms) look like? Well, it’s quite nifty in form, measuring no bigger that any standard pen you might throw in your handbag. It has a neat, sleek design which looks quite futuristic due to its metallic silver body. It’s simple, fuss free and doesn’t look complicated to use upon first impression. The pen itself has a removable bottom which houses 1 x AAA battery (comes included!), whilst the top end has a slanted edge and three tiny inset lights – one red in the middle and one blue eitherside. Just below this is a simple On/Off button which you press and hold to turn on, and repeat if you want to turn it off. The pen isn’t heavy to hold, but still has a slight degree of weight to it due to housing a battery.

Now the exciting part – how to use! As per the instructions, gently hold the light end of the pen over the spot/blemish, press the On/Off button which will activate the lights to turn on and sound with a single beep, then hold in position for two minutes. There’s no need to time yourself as the pen will automatically turn off after the two minutes is up and sound with a double beep to let you know it’s don’t. It’s as easy as that! Neutrogena recommend doing this 2-3 times a day until desired results are achieved. They also advise to make sure skin is clean and dry before application so I find the best time to do this is after my morning and evening cleanse.


Throughout the process (based upon my own experience) I’ve found there to be no tingling or physical sensation whatsoever during or after, in fact the only tell-tale sign I’ve been using it is that I sometimes have a little square indentation around the spot where I’ve probably pressed the pen on a little too hard. I do tend to use this as I’m walking round the house doing things so don’t really concentrate on pressing lightly which I suppose is my own fault. However the mark fades quickly within 10-5 minutes.

The Results – I’ve been using this device for a while now, and as far as benefits go I do think that it’s shown positive results on my smaller spots. If I catch them early enough they don’t come to a head and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in how quickly the swelling and redness goes down. The place where I still seem to struggle is with the larger, under the skin cystic type spots as the light doesn’t touch them at all. No matter how early I get in there nothing stops those bad boys in their tracks and I don’t seem to see any benefits in the healing process either. It’s like they have a mind of their own and are going to do what the hell they like regardless!

My overall thoughts about this spot treatment are positive. I love how easy and comfortable it is to use, and not to mentioned being portable. It fits into any make up or wash bag without taking up space so is easy to travel with. As previously mentioned I walk around the house whilst using it so it doesn’t make you stop what you’re doing or have to sit around waiting for a long period of time. As far a battery life goes mine has lasted well but this is of course dependant upon how regularly you use it and how many spots you have to tackle. If there was a downside to it, it would be that I’m not over sure how hygienic it is to keep putting the same surface over different spots, however providing the skin is clean before use and the pen end is wiped thoroughly after each use then there should be low risk of spreading surface bacteria. I’ve been looking at reviews of these light therapy treatment and overall there seems to be a lot of posisitve feedback in regards to the effectiveness it offers. This light therapy pen generally retails for around £29.99 GBP which is about half the price of the full face mask alternative (which only lasts for 30 uses). I think it’s a good one-off purchase as it will always be there to reach for when needed, and as will only ever need new batteries in regards to upkeep. As far as a chemical free treatment goes this is one I’d certainly recommend and it’s not an unreasonably expensive investment.

I hope this has been either useful, interesting or both! Thanks for taking the time to read my review and if you did enjoy it please don’t forget to give it a little like!

With Love


6 thoughts on “Product Review | Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Pen

  1. Kayleigh xx says:

    Clearly I came here as soon as I could as I wanted to know all about this! The redness and swelling is ridiculous when it comes to my spots and they seem to get angrier and angrier! I think I will be looking into this as I have some recurrent ones which I think need blasting once and for all and this sounds like it calms them right down! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Petra says:

    Super interesting! It’s too bad it doesn’t work for the bigger spots but this is a nice alternative for the smaller areas, especially if you’re not wanting to use a harsh cream. I’d never heard of this gadget before, thanks for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      Thank for reading! I can’t see that this sort of treatment will ever stop spots coming up, but it certainly helps to take the anger out of the smaller ones. My larger one are hormonal and nothing but prescription meds shifts those x


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