Getting The Best Out Of Your Beauty Products

Being a lover of all things beauty is amazing, but it’s not kind on the old purse strings sometimes. That’s why I’m going to share a few tips that I use to best the most bang for your buck!

Store your wipes upside down – Have you ever opened a pack of face or freshen up wipes to find the top one is never as moist as you’d like it to be, think they’ve dried out and lob them in the bin? Well, store your wipe packet upside down on the counter or in the drawer, that way any moisture that is in the pack will always run down to the bottom (which is actually the top!) into the next wipe you’re ready to use. Sounds really simple, but does the trick every time. I’ve even done this with glycolic cleansing pads, by flipping the pot onto its lid. I even do this with antibacterial and other cleaning wipes to! It sounds really simple but I’ve been surprised by how many people haven’t tried this.

Let your hands soak up the excess – I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of a bugger for dispensing too much product into my hands when using moisturiser and serums. If you too are a culprit, once you’ve worked you chosen potion into your face (don’t forget the neck too!) finish off by applying any excess onto the back of your hands. Our hands are just as susceptible to falling victim to signs of aging, as they are exposed to the environment just as much as the skin on our faces. So don’t let all those lovely lotions and potions go to waste, make good use of them and let you hands reap the benefits of all that lovely skin care.


Chop open that bottle – There is no shame whatsoever in destroying a tube of cleanser, cream or serum so you can get to the very last drops! It’s actually quite shocking how much product is left behind in a container we think is empty, and if you’ve spent Β£25 on that luxe moisturiser you were lusting after for so long, you want to be getting your money’s worth. If it’s a tube I tend to cut straight across it near the cap end, then once I’ve accessed that hidden pot of gold, I turn the cap around and insert it into the rest of the tube to keep it from drying out. Some bottles even have a screw off pump, and at the end of that pump tube there can often be a huge amount of product clinging on for dear life. Seriously, go try it, you might just be surprised how many more uses you can get from it. Just make sure you take your fab empties post pics first before going into full destruct mode!

Don’t waste that lippy – There’s nothing worse that getting to the bottom of your favourite lipstick, desperately trying to smother it across the lips just to end up with a big smeary mess. But don’t fear! Grab a lip brush and get digging into the end of that bullet. Sometimes there is a quarter or even a third again housed in there that can’t be seen. I get that you might not want to do this for a Β£2 budget lippy, but this is a fab and easy way of getting the most out of an expensive make up item that has been well-loved, and probably still has more love to give!


Is a blush just a blush? – There are loads of products out there that can be used on more than just one single part of the face. Take Benefit Hoola/Hoola Light for example, fab bronzer, just as equally as fab as an eyeshadow! In fact I use Hoola Light on my lids quite regularly when I want a natural sweep of depth and colour. The same goes for liquid blush. A dab on the lips or lids makes for such a lovely, subtle finish. Clear eyebrow gel? Great as a topper to seal mascara. The possibilities are endless!


Mix those foundations – I like to have a lighter and a darker shade of foundation or CC Cream on my dressing table, to keep me covered depending on what time of year it is. But for those in-between months when you’re not really particularly in summer, or winter skin mode, mix those babies together! That way you can adjust the quantities to make a shade that’s just right for you. Two bottles, multiple shades!

So there you have it. Six ways I try to get the most from my beauty stash. Some you may have heard of, and other you may not, but I hope there’s something helpful in there for you, and I would love to hear all about any tips or ‘hacks’ that you swear by.

With Love


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