What’s In My Cabinet | Natural Beauty Products

There’s no denying that the world of beauty and the products it has to offer is mesmerising, and in some cases, quite over-whelming. In today’s social media age we are consistently presented with enticing images of creams, lotions and potions wherever we look! There’s the high-end vs. low-budget, hi-tech vs. fuss free; and one genre which has really made itself prominent to me over the last few months is that of products that contain only natural or organic ingredients. As if choices weren’t hard enough to make!

It’s only through my beauty blogging journey that I’ve been able to discover and try products that fall in this category, and as an individual that was once quite sceptical about them, I’ve actually grown to love the products I’ve tried. Now before you get excited I’ve only tried a handful so far, so am not pinning myself as a devout natural beauty or organic spokesperson, but I feel that I’ve dabbled enough to get a sense of the type of products that sit under this umbrella. However I will state that this has only been in the skin care division. So, what have I tried?


Native Unearthed Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant – I was first introduced to this through a beauty subscription service (either GlossyBox or Birchbox) and I won’t lie, I wasn’t the least bit excited by it when it arrived. I was very sceptical as I just couldn’t see how it would work. BUT! By god it did. Now one thing to point out about natural deodorants it that they are exactly just that. They are designed to neutralise any potential pong, not to stop you sweating as an anti-perspirant would. I’ve actually since learnt that you shouldn’t stop your skin from sweating (which kinds of makes sense as it’s what our bodies are designed to do) but we’ll maybe get into that another time. For one I adore the scent of this balm, but it’s also easy to apply, is perfect to travel with as it’s solid in form and does exactly what it says on the tin jar. I’ve since re-purchased this deodorant and it has a special place in my cabinet. If however you’re not a fan of sweet scented products like this is, there are other varieties available such as lavender & sage or charcoal. Check them out here, I believe you get 10% off your first online order when you use the code ‘trynative‘!


Little Green Soap Co Cleansing Oil – If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while you will most likely have heard me bang on about this on a number of occasions. Empties posts, skin care posts, you name it, it’s been there. I can’t actually quite remember how I came across Little Green Soap Co (their Insta’s here if you want to check them out) but they hand make and produce a beautiful range of natural soap, body and skin care items that take full advantage of a number of plant-based oils and ingredients right here in the UK. Their cleansing oil is to die for. It’s like literally being in a spa and I’m a huge fan of massaging this into my face during a steamy shower, letting the beautiful scents of coconut, sweet almond and apricot oil envelop me for a few moments. You can use it to remove make up to, but I’m more of a massage and relax kind of gal when it comes to this. If you like an oil, THIS is where it’s at. In fact I’m currently on my second bottle. I’m a big fan of their body oil too! After falling for this oil I also discovered their…


Bath Truffles – Sweet, hand rolled alternatives to the sturdy bath bomb, Little Green Soap’s bath truffles are just delightful. Again containing a variety of natural oils these truffles also release adorable dried plant petals (each different depending on which one you decide to use) that float around in the bath making for the ultimate moment of relaxation. I also don’t think my skin has ever been as smooth getting out of the bath as it has whilst using these. They’re not currently on the website, but have heard on the grape-vine they’re planning to bring them back soon, and they would even make the perfect gift for any tub lover.


Piotis Naturals Rose Anti-Aging Moisturiser – I went through a spate recently of winning Insta competitions (I don’t know how but I did!) and this was one of the products I was fortunate enough to receive. Based in Nofolk, UK, this is a wonderful brand with a just as wonderful an owner. She contacted me to find out more about my skin type and needs with a view to tailor making products that were suited to me, which is fabulous as all of her products are hand-made. Along with a few other lovely items, I received Piotis’s Rose Moisturiser with the addition of Aloe Vera to help tackle my blemish prone skin. I love it so much and it has become a regular part of my evening skin care routine as it’s so nourishing. Due to the array of essential and cold pressed oils the fragrance is very unique, and it did take me a few uses to get used to it, but needless to say I now adore it! Plus it’s great knowing there are no nasties in there as it’s 100% natural. Their products are available on Esty, this link will take you straight to their site.

Using these and seeing the results has opened my eyes to all the amazing products that are out there, and that natural really can be the way forward. This of course is only a small selection of the products in my cabinet, but I’m glad to have them there and have a lot more faith in natural products now I’ve had the opportunity to try a few. Plus all of the above are cruelty free which many 100% natural brands are.

Have you got a favourite natural beauty product you think I should know about? My eyes and ears are always open, and I always love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed my post please don’t forget to give it a little like!

With Love



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