‘Get Out The Door Quick’ Make Up

If like me you seem to more often than not experience that ‘Oh my god I’ve got 5 minutes until I have to leave the house’ panic, then you too may appreciate the magic that is a quick get ready routine. I tend to go through this on an almost daily basis, partially my own fault for snoozing the old alarm a little too often, but I’m going to lay the rest of the blame on having to spend the majority of my morning having to wrestle my five-year-old into putting his socks on and brush his teeth ready for school.

So what does a ‘quick get ready’ routine look like in my household? I tend to go for the products that will give maximum effect in minimal time. I’m actually quite happy to leave the house without any make up on, it doesn’t bother me, but most of the time If I want to look like I’ve had any sleep at all then there is a little bit of work required, and it goes a little something like this…


Wash my face – This is the first thing I do in the morning (well after making a cuppa of course), and when I say wash I don’t just mean quickly sliding a face wipe over my skin, but actually getting down and soapy with some cleanser and water. I find that giving my skin a good massage with a cleanser gets the blood pumping, helping to plump my skin as much as I possibly can. I tend to wash away with warm water, then go in for a final couple of splashes with as cold as I can stand. It’s a quick way to wake up and make sure my face is ready for the skin care products that are to follow. Usually a nice hydrating moisturiser preps for…


CC Cream – I’m not hugely into super full coverage when it comes to daytime make up, and I also like my natural skin to peek through. I find the more coverage I apply, the more I then need to add extra’s like bronzer etc. to bring definition back into my face and aint nobody got time for that when you’re a snoozer like me. So a nice light CC cream gives just the right amount of coverage on my red areas and blemish dark spots, without completely making my face monotone. On my dressing table at the moment I have Bourjois’ 123 Perfect CC Cream, and IT Cosmetics’ CC+. Both are really easy to work with, I like to work them into the skin with a buffing brush to give a light, natural finish. But you could beauty blend any areas of concern that you want to cover more too. CC+ contains SPF30 so I’m favouring that more at the moment. If I’m feeling really lazy I might just pop a bit on concealer on the ‘mono brow’ area, chin and nose as these are the areas I experience the most redness. Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer never lets me down, and again I just use a buffing brush, but tend to press the product into place rather than working it in.


Mascara – If I had time to apply only one product, this would have to be it. Applying mascara can really open the eyes and transform me from zombie to zingy in just a few strokes of a wand. My complexion could me flawless, but without mascara I just wouldn’t look awake. I don’t always bother with the lower lashes either as applying to the top lashes tends to do the job on its own. Marc Jacobs’ Velvet Noir Black Mascara over the top of Kiko’s lash primer is my favourite combination for long-lasting lift and volume (you can read more about my go-to eye make up products from a recent post here).


Brow Gel – Even though there are a few areas within my brows that could do with a couple of hairs drawing in, I don’t particularly have an issue with the natural shape of them. A nifty swipe of clear brow gel tidies them into place and hold them in place perfectly. Pixi’s Clear Brow Gel is my usual gel of choice as it has a nice easy applicator wand that doesn’t overload with product. If I do fancy adding some colour then L’OrΓ©al’s Brow Artist makes an appearance, and happens to be a pretty good dupe for Benefit’s Gimmebrow.

Lipstick/Lip Balm – These tend to be nice easy nudes or neutrals. Preferably colours that I know don’t have to be applied too precisely, and can be removed quickly if something goes horribly wrong! This means I often stay away from quick drying liquid lipsticks or stains because they require more elbow grease to take of. I often favour a nice creamy lipstick, or a tinted balm for a natural look that will wear evenly and can be re-applied in a jiffy. A couple of my faves are Pixi’s Mattelustre Lipstick in Plump Pink which is a sheer natural pink shade (almost my lips but better)Β  and Dr Paw Paw’s Peach Tinted Multipurpose Balm as this has got a really springy vibe to it, and I’m so ready for spring to be here right now that it’s showing in my face! Both of these give such a pretty, subtle hint of colour and are easy to apply and maintain throughout the day.

And that’s pretty much it! Nice, easy, reliable products that I can chuck on and run out the door knowing they’ll get the job done. Do you have a quick fail proof get ready routine? If so, what do you use?

With love



10 thoughts on “‘Get Out The Door Quick’ Make Up

  1. Kayleigh x says:

    The DrPawPaw is amazing, it’s so bloomin beautiful! When the colour first come out I was like WOAH, but it’s sheer and lovely isn’t it. Can you do a post on clothes and how to get out the door quickly cos I can;t decide what to wear? LOL xxx

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