Let’s Try Beauty Pie!

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I’d post a quick update on a little something new I’m trying, and you may well of heard of it if you’re head’s been submerged in the wonderful world of beauty!

Beauty Pie are a company that seem to have taken over my Insta and general internet feeds, offering high quality skin care and make up products at a ridiculously affordable price. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the name, Beauty Pie claim that they…

‘Source the best luxury makeup and skincare from the world’s leading laboratories, and sell it directly to our members, without the mumbo jumbo, the middlemen, or the markups‘.

So to break it right down, they basically buy products from manufacturers that produce for many of those high-end brands we love to lust after, but package them in their own simplistic yet elegant Beauty Pie packaging and woosh them out at affordable prices. It’s perfectly common knowledge that a lot of the time the inflated prices charged by major beauty brands are done so purely because of their name. So this alternative sounds kind of exciting right?!

So how does it work, and how do we get out hands on these bargain beauties? Well, Beauty Pie generally runs on a subscription service of either monthly (£10 a month for a minimum of three months) or annually (£99 a year essentially giving two months membership free). Once you’ve chosen your subscription you can then order up to £100 worth of products per month. However do be aware, this £100 limit is based on the ‘regular purchase price’ not the members price. so for example…

If you decide to go for say three items, and their membership price total is £35 but the regular non-members purchase price comes to £97, then that’s your limit reached. You can in fact purchase through the website without having a membership, but you will have to fork out the regular price which is often a heck of a lot more (apparently often an 85% mark up!) and resembles that of the major beauty brands like your Estee Lauders and Tom Fords.

Now considering I’ve seen a lot about this company and their products, I’d never actually intended to join as I already have so many products to get through. But when one of my besties asked me if I’d heard of them and said she was going to sign up (furthermore would I like anything adding to her order!) I became weak and couldn’t resist. I offered to pay for half of her membership cost which was only £5, and made it cheaper for the both of us. I think sharing a membership is actually a great way to dip your toe in the water with something new like this. So she placed our order and I must say delivery was pretty damn speedy!

So what did we order? Well she ordered the Advanced Serum-Infusion Biocellulose Sheet Masks (set of five) and I ordered the Super Retinol Ceramide Boost Anti-Aging Serum. And that was all we got for the £100 allowance! In fact the allowance when you first sign up is upped to £150 as a bonus and we still only got two items. The sheet masks were supposed to be £55 (membership cost £13.87) and the retinol £80 (membership price £9.84). So between us we paid £23.71 for the products plus shipping where as the RRP’s would have amounted up to £135. That’s a pretty good saving. The only gripe I have with this is that Beauty Pie boast about their cost transparency values and I understand that they’re offering products at a lot lower cost than the other brands whose products may be virtually identical, however why is this saving only available to those that subscribe? Surely the 85% saving should be available to all? Or at least a saving of say 50%? That way they still have a decent mark up (I get that they’re not doing in for free), but continue to follow through with their ethical marketing strategy. They do after all state on their website that ‘Luxury beauty products often retail for up to 10x what they actually cost to produce. We think that’s crazy‘. If you’re interested, here’s a look at how they break down their costing..

Beauty Pie

Screenshot from Beautypie.com


I feel like I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent that I wasn’t intending on going on, but you know how you start writing, and thinking, and actually just typing out the prices got the old brain cells twirling round. So apologies if this has gone a bit off ‘light introduction’ to ‘moan and grumble’. Non intentional I promise.

Anyhoo, Retinol is something I’ve been looking for incorporate into my skin care regime for quite some time now, so I’m actually really excited to get going with Beauty Pie’s version. I love that it also contains Hyaluronic and Lactic Acids which kind of roles a few steps into one. I can say that I have tried one of the sheet masks my friend ordered (the sweetheart popped on in the box with my retinol for me to try) and I wasn’t a fan due to the fit of the sheet. But then I have been spoilt with those perfect fitting hydrogel masks from Oh K! and there really is no going back from there.

I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts in regards to the Super Retinol once I’ve had chance to give it a good thrashing. We’re probably talking weeks here so hang in there, it will come eventually! If you’re interested in discovering Beauty Pie for yourself, you can visit their website here and read up all about how they work and what they have to offer. I must say their website is very aesthetically pleasing and there are lots of products to choose from. Plus I believe a lot if not all of their products are cruelty free!

If you’re still here, well done for making it through what was supposed to be a short and snappy post and thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering Beauty Pie with me (If you’re not already familiar), and please don’t forget to give my post a little love if you did enjoy!

With Love



2 thoughts on “Let’s Try Beauty Pie!

  1. Swanna says:

    Apparently the membership and price limit is so that people can’t take advantage by buying in bulk and selling at a higher price later. I personally think that they could have worked delivery into the membership pricing and made even the membership price transparent if they were going for that angle! Nevertheless, I’ve been meaning to give them a try at some point and hope to soon. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      I like that they are trying to be transparent, but don’t see why should their price benefits that only be to those who have a subscription. If you don’t subscribe, they’re still happy to charge the 80% mark up they rave about not doing on the monthly plan? It baffles me. Either way, it’s always exciting trying new products, and there will always be hits and misses for each individual x

      Liked by 1 person

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