Facial Cleansers | What’s In My Cabinet?

Hello again my lovelies!

I hope Wednesday is being kind to you all, and that you’ve been eased into the week nice and gently so far. So I’ve been pottering about in my bathroom recently and have been surprised at how many different half used cleansers are gracing my cabinet. All of them different in their own way, and it’s got me thinking about what I actually look for in a cleanser and what benefits my skin can reap from them. Now each of these cleansers are loved for various reasons and offer a different experience when using, some refreshing, some comforting and others luxurious. I’ve actually got five forms of cleanser to share with you today, and will take a look at why they’ve secured a place in my cabinet.

Solid OilPixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse – So it will be of no surprise to any one who follows me that this cleanser has a prized place in my cabinet. Double Cleanse offers a two-step cleansing system, consisting of a solid oil, and a cleansing cream. Used one after the other, or alone, both sides remove make up well (however I do often find tough eye make up puts up a good fight) and leaves the skin feeling very clear. Ingredients wise this system contains vitamins C & E, peptides and a variety of nourishing oils. Added bonus’ are that it’s fragrance and cruelty free. If there was one downside it would have to be that at £24 for 100ml it’s not the cheapest of cleansers.

Foaming Caudalie Grape & Sage Instant Foaming Cleanser – Caudalie is a brand I’ve been curious about for quite some time since falling in love with their Overnight Detox Oil a couple of years back, so I wasn’t at all disappointed when I was able to choose another of their products in a past beauty subscription service. I chose to try out their Instant Foaming Cleanser as I must say I do like the fresh feeling a foam has to offer. The consistency is very light, turning watery then soapy as it’s worked into the skin. I’ve particularly been favouring this as my morning cleanse as the scent is so fresh and uplifting, plus it washes away with ease helping to make my morning skin care regime a tad quicker. Unlike a lot of foaming cleansers, this one is SLS free and houses the benefits of grape seed extract, as do Caudalie’s other products. At £15.00 for a 150ml bottle this cleanser is a little cheaper and certainly is nice to use. Still can’t quite get my head around their cruelty free status though.

CreamSanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser – Ah, the dupe! Suspiciously similar the cult Cleanse & Polish from Liz Earle, but just as lovely. Side by side the concept is identical, as is the consistency and cleansing power. It has a super rich yet creamy feel to it which works into the skin like a dream, wrapping you up in that signature Sanctuary scent many of us know and love. Chamomile aids to sooth, coconut oil creaks down make up, whilst the action of removing with a muslin cloth allows the day’s dirt and grime to be swept away with ease, exfoliating the skin’s surface as it goes. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Liz Earle alternative, as at £10.00 for 125ml rather than Liz at £16.00 for 100ml there’s a saving to be had.

GelThe Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing Wash – Originally purchased for my husband, I have delved into this quite a few times myself. Targeted towards combination/oily skin, this gel cleanser is again very refreshing and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. The formula is described to be soap and oil free, removes impurities and leaves the skin with a shine free finish which will appeal to a lot of my oily sisters out there I’m sure! I can’t ever say I’ve noticed that it leaves my face particularly matte, but then it’s not something I expect from a cleanser. It’s smells good, is cruelty free and at £8.00 for 250ml is a pretty good shout in my eyes.

ClayBareMinerals Clay Chameleon Purifying Cleanser – My go-to evening cleanse at the moment. Clay Chameleon is a rich, thick, dusky pink clay based cleanser and I’m obsessed! I apply this to dry skin, then watch it turn from it’s pretty pink shade to a white cream as it’s worked over the face. Making sure it all turns whites ensure that I’ve massaged it in thoroughly, plus I adore its fruity and enveloping scent of mandarin and bergamot that I could sit with it on my face for longer than I probably should. In my experience, due to the rich consistency it does need removing with a damp wash cloth or flannel as just splashing with water won’t budge it. Again, this cleanser is aimed at combination or oily skin, and reaps the benefits of Brazilian Red Clay, Papaya and Bamboo extracts. This costs £18.00 for 125ml so heading up towards the more expensive end of the scale.

So out of these five, which would I repurchase? I definitely feel like I gravitate towards a creamier cleanser, something that feels like it’s nourishing the skin whilst still removing all the unwanted nasties. As much as I like the gel and foam cleansers, I do often feel the need to dowse my skin with moisturiser afterwards to put back what the cleanser has taken out. I’ve repurchased Pixi Double Cleanse two or three times now and am pretty sure I will again in the future, however as the most expensive out of the bunch this is becoming more of a treat than a monthly staple. Sanctuary Spa’s ‘Cleanse & Polish’ style cleanser has really made an impression on me and I can see myself buying this again, same goes for the BareMinerals Clay Chameleon. But before I get ahead of myself I’m really making an effort to use up what I’ve got before sercumbing to any more. Have you used any of these cleansers? Let me know what your thoughts and experiences have been, it’s good to talk!

With Love


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