Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ | Review

Well, it feels like I’ve been away forever! College work and family have certainly been at the forefront of life over the past couple of week, but it’s good to be back with you all! Let’s get into it…!

Amongst the piles of beauty box subscription products that have been scattered around my house there was a little something that I had received, and unlike a lot of products, didn’t rush to try. Mainly because my skin has been having a major tantrum over the past couple of months and I didn’t dare potentially anger it further with unknown substances, but also because this product comes from a brand that I’ve known very little about. As the title has pretty much already given away, I’m talking about Perricone MD. I’d seen the odd product of theirs pop up on-line and in magazines, but had never really taken much notice until now. My last two Love Me Beauty subscription bags each came with a sample set of Perricone’s Cold Plasma+ Serum, a products which boasts to ‘transform your skin within 7 days’. Now that’s a pretty tall order right there!


So what it Cold Plasma+, and what does it state it has to offer? Well their promotional packaging advertises that this wonder serum will do the following…

  • Improve skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Visibly reduce dark spots and restore radiance.
  • Promote smoother, more supple skin.

They describe their product as a ‘powerhouse’ which contains potent ingredients such as Copper Tripeptide, Vitamin C Esther and Omegas 3, 6 & 9. All of which contribute to the claims above. Their packaging also states that between 75-81% of women who took part in a consumer study saw a variety of skin improvements within 28 days. This appears to slightly differ to the claims of higher percentages on their own website but still, doesn’t this all just sound fabulous?! However here’s the snag. A 30ml jar of this serum with set you back a staggering £129. Let’s be honest, for £129 I’d want this product to give me a new face.


Based on what Cold Plasma+ promises to do for the skin, what visible effects did I want to see from it?

  • A reduction in the dark areas left over from mild acne. I don’t tend to be left with textured scars, but more often that not I end up with a dark spot as a little souvenir.
  • An improvement in the fine lines that are setting in around my under eye area.
  • A brighter complexion overall.

Each sample pack contains seven individual sachets of serum which are recommend to be applied liberally to cleansed skin, morning and night, then followed with moisturiser. They of course recommend their own moisturiser but as I don’t own any I’ve been going in with my other night creams. Initially I found that each sachet contains more than enough to get two generous applications of serum, and as I already use my beloved Bare Minerals Skinlongevity serum within my morning routine, I decided to just try Cold Plasma+ at night. Deciding to use the serum in this way meant that a pack of 7 sachets would last me 14 days, and as I have two packs, that’s roughly a month’s worth of use which gave me a good amount of time to see any visible changes in the skin. Up there for thinking, down there for dancing!


On to the serum itself. Cold Plasma+ has a relatively viscous consistency which makes it easy to handle and apply. Wherever you put it on your face is pretty much where it will stay until you start to work it in. The colour appears to be almost greyish and is non offensive. But the scent is the aspect of this serum that I’ve struggled with. The only way I can describe it is that it is similar to the smell of household emulsion. Every time I apply it I get decorating flash backs! It’s a weird one for me, and I don’t honestly think it would be appealing to a lot of people however the good news is that the scent does dissipate quickly. It’s just there in that initial moment of application. If scent really doesn’t bother you then I’d say that this is actually quite a nice product to apply, plus it sinks into the skin very quickly without upsetting any moisturiser that’s applied over the top (well in my case it hasn’t). If fact it almost turn to a watery consistency and could imagine that is stored in the fridge it would be very refreshing on a hot day.

As I’m writing this I’ve literally just applied the remainder of my last sachet to my face, and the results after trialling for a month…? In truth I’ve been quite underwhelmed. The scent hasn’t particularly grown on my, but I’ve got used to it. If we look back at what I was hoping for results wise, I can’t say that my acne dark spots have improved or changed in any way. The fine lines around my under eye are still approximately the same as they were a month ago, and my overall complexion doesn’t seem any better, or worse for using it. Now before anyone starts, yes I am aware that I haven’t used this serum for both AM and PM application, however I believe that continuous use over a period of a month, at least once a day, have given my skin a decent amount of time to reap any of benefits the Cold Plasma+ might have to offer. Overall I can’t say that I’ve seen any general improvements, but it’s not done any harm either. I can say that my skin has felt very soft and as far as a night serum goes, it blends well with other skin care products and doesn’t leave any oily or greasy residue.

So, worth the £129 price tag? Personally I’d say no, especially considering the benefits claim this product makes within such a short space of time. If it were a heck of a lot cheaper would I buy it? Still probably no. The scent put me off initially, and I haven’t experienced any results that some of the other more affordable creams on the market can provide. Sounds like I’m bashing it a bit here doesn’t it? I suppose it all comes down to expectation vs. result, and in this case I just can’t get my head around the RRP. Possibly used alongside a full skin care regime of Perricone MD products the results may be different, but I do not have the purse strings for that, so will leave that to guess-work!


I’ve seen very little about this particular serum on-line review wise, so would love to hear from any of you that have tried it, and what your experience was? I hope you enjoyed my review, and if so, please don’t forget to give my post a little like!

With Love



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