My Go-To Eye Make Up Products

Happy weekend Lovelies!

Feel like I’ve been a bit MIA over the past couple of weeks here on my blog. Doesn’t life just run away with you sometimes hey?! Anyhoo, I want to share with you some of my favourite, most loved, and dependable eye make up products. I love having a group of products that I can grab in a hurry and know they will do exactly what I need them to do. Some of these I’ve had a while, and others have been more recent discoveries to which I have totally been converted. Plus all of these are cruelty free! So without further a do…

Eyeshadow Tarte Maneater Palette (RRP £29) – I can’t think of a time I have used this and not been pleased with the outcome. This is a compact palette which contains a mixture of eight matte and shimmer shades, mainly focusing on warmer tones such as browns and reds, with a couple of highlighting shade in there for good measure. These shadows are insanely pigmented, soft in texture and easy to blend. In fact if you don’t own an eyeshadow palette and are looking for something to start or learn with then this would be a great one to try. Tarte are a US company and their products can be purchased directly from them without any crazy import fees, or from UK-based QVC. Maneater was unavailable for quite a while, but excitingly enough Tarte have just re-released this palette (Vol.2) with an extra shade. Which that gorgeous packaging how could you not love it?!


EyelinerKat Von D Tattoo Liner (RRP £16) – This one was a fairly recent discovery for me. Well, it had been on my wish list for quite some time but I finally got my hands on it and am totally converted! I use the shade ‘Trooper’ which is a true black. This is a pen style liquid liner with a very precise and pointed applicator brush which makes drawing those wings super easy and effortless. It dries quickly and does not budge until I use eye make up remover. No smudging, no bleeding or leaking. It’s taken me a good 15 years but I’m glad to have finally found a liquid liner I can rely on.


Eyelash PrimerKiko Milano Building Base Coat Mascara (RRP £7.20) – There are other lash primers I like, but when I team up Kiko’s base coat with my actual mascara the results are amazing. The applicator wand is relatively short with a large fibre brush on the end which picks up quite a lot of product. I prefer to wipe off any excess onto the neck of the tube as it’s rather easy to overload the lashes, but with the excess gone this primer gives a really good coat and make it easy to get every lash. I love that it’s affordable and does a fab job of prepping my lashes for…

MascaraMarc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara (RRP £22) – I was lucky enough to receive this black mascara in my first ever Influenster box and am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to try it. It was one of those products that I wanted to like because of the luxe feel of the brand and packaging, and we often have high hopes when it comes to higher end products, as is sits in our minds that because it costs more, it must do a better job. Not always true, but in this case I can 100% say that this mascara is worth the RRP. Teamed with my primer, Velvet Noir give my lashes spectacular lift and volume without any clumps. The wand has an hourglass shape which helps to work with the natural curvature of the lid and give good, even coverage. Without primer I do sometimes experience a little flaking onto the under eye throughout the day, but as I use a primer this problem is easily resolved. I would definitely purchase this product myself in the future.

So there we have it, four of my go-to eye make up items that make applying make up easy, effective and fuss free. Have you tried any of these make up products? Or what would you say are your eye make up heros? I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please don’t forget to give it a little like!

With Love As Always


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