The Facial Oil That Doesn’t Feel Like An Oil | Review

Hello to my lovely readers!

I’m here to have a brief little chatter with you about another product I’ve been trying out from vegan skin care brand Dr Botanicals. The latest item I received from them via their product reviewer club was their Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil, and spoiler alert, it’s a goodie!


Described as a ‘light weight facial oil infused with vitamins and oils for a brighter, even skin tone‘, this oil doesn’t actually feel like an oil. It’s super light, almost watery in consistency. In fact I’d almost describe it as an essence. Suitable for dry, normal and oily skin this product has got everyone covered! For those of you that don’t like oils or heavy products, the Moroccan Rose Oil gives you the goodness of an oil without the weight.

The key active ingredients in this product are Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Almond Oil which combined make for an anti-aging and nourishing power house. Vitamin C aims to aid in collagen production, Vitamin A works as an anti-oxidant and reduces signs of aging and almond oil hydrates.


The key features I love about this are the scent and its ability to sink into the skin almost instantly. The Moroccan Rose essence makes this product smell sublime and I literally cannot get enough of it. So much so that I’m eyeing up Dr Botanicals’ Moroccan Rose Restoring Senses Bath Oil as this would be an amazing scent to add to any bath time. As for the way it applies, this pink solution is rather runny so needs to be worked with quickly application wise but it stays oily long enough to distribute and massage over the face, then sinks in leaving soft, supple skin. There’s no tackiness or stickiness, just a beautiful, sensual smooth result. As for whether it brightens and evens out my skin tone, it’s hard to say as I use it alongside my other skin care products which make it hard to narrow down which is doing what as such. But I do enjoy the instant effects and it really is a pleasure to use.

As I adore rose scented products this one always had good odds to begin with, but I’ve been so impressed with the way it performs and love that it’s a part of my skin care routine. I don’t use this daily, probably just a couple of times a week but a little goes a long way so it lasts pretty well. Packaging wise the product comes in a 30ml glass bottle with dropper applicator. The bottle is clear making it easy to ensure you get every last drop. This oil also earns extra brownie points for being cruelty free and vegan!



This Moroccan Rose Oil usually retails for £49.90 for a 30ml bottle, so isn’t by any means cheap. But it recently appeared in a monthly Glossy Box subscription and to celebrate Dr Botanicals are offering £10 off when using the code ‘MINERALS’ at the checkout. I’d highly recommend hunting this one down, especially if you love rose scents like I do. If you’d like to find out more, you can visit the product page here. Did you know you can also become a Dr Botanicals product reviewer? It’s a fab way of trying new products from a British, ethically conscious brand and you can sign up for free by clicking here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and I’d love to hear from any of you that have tried this too!

With Love


N.B As always all views and opinions are my own. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.

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