Reviewing ‘Plump It!’ Lip Products

Hi Lovelies!

If you’re reading this you’re probably here for the same reason as I am. As lovers of all things make up, skin care and beauty in general, it’s always heaps of fun trying out new products. Seeing whether those hyped up goodies are actually worth our hard-earned pennies and if they really do what the blurb and packaging say’s they will do. Some products are beautiful, others mystifying, and some are just down right intriguing. Which brings me onto the subject of this post. I was recently given the opportunity to try out a collection of products that kind of scared me, I won’t lie, yet also made me really curious as to whether highly sort after results can actually be achieved from the comfort of our own homes. And the brand of this curious product I hear you cry?? Welcome to ‘Plump It!‘.

Now just as an overview, ‘Plump It!’ are UK-based creators and makers of a small range of non surgical, lip volumising products. Their website states that…

‘Plump It! is a great alternative to fillers, suction based products or other harmful ways to plump your lips – plus, it’s super affordable! Our formulas only use ingredients that are clinically tested, proven to work and completely free of parabens or any dangerous chemicals’.


Sounds like we can ditch the dodgy suction cups right? Digging down a little deeper into their FAQ’s, Plump It! also detail that their products are suitable for every day use (however not advised to be used whilst pregnant or breast-feeding), cruelty free, vegan, painless, non permanent and available world-wide! So lots of positives in there. They can even be used if you already have lip fillers and want an extra boost Donatella Versace style! But how does it work you may wonder? Plump It! claims that their signature product…

Is a VBE infused lip plumper, which when applied induces a gentle warming sensation while our unique formula enhances the micro-circulation and blood flow to the lips. The result? Instantly fuller and softer lips that are plumped to perfection‘.

As to what VBE is I cannot tell you. I’ve Googled the hind legs out of the term and cannot find any solid information about VBE as an ingredient, or within beauty products. I can however tell you that this product does contain Capsicum, which is a genus of the pepper family. I researched this too and found other lip plumpers such as Smashbox’s O-Plump to contain the same ingredient. So let’s jump into what I’ve actually had the pleasure of trying out!

Plump It! kindly sent me all four of the products from their range. This consisted of –

So of course being the eager beaver that I am, I went straight in for the kill! The Volumising Lip Plumper was the first product I wanted to try and even though excited, I was a little hesitant. Now the lady in the promotional video for Plump It!’s website had some serious volume going on, probably a little more that I desire. But then that’s the whole point of the product I suppose, to achieve luscious, look-at-me lips that captivate and make you think ‘Wowzer!’. The product itself comes in a sleek looking silver pen style packaging, with a clicky button at one end to push the product up into the doe foot style applicator tip. I had to give the button about 20 clicks to get it going but once it was it came to the surface perfectly, not to fast, not too slow. The instructions recommend to make sure the lips are well hydrated first (which is where the collagen lip masks come in) then simply click the pen  (varying numbers of times depending on how fuller pout you want to achieve) and apply the product even over the lips, almost as you would a lip gloss. The product itself is a non scented, clear  gel which applies very smoothly and is easy to distribute. The gel is water based so there is no stickiness and absorption is fairly quick.


Then this is where the fun started! The instructions say it is completely normal to feel a tingling sensation for around five minutes after application, and boy they were not wrong! The tingle was intense for quite a few moments, but it did wear off. Throughout this period of time I could feel my lips plumping and I think because this was the first time I had used this type of product by the end of it my lips felt MASSIVE! Like really massive, I was scared to look. But I was a brave girl and trundled up to the mirror,  where to my surprise what I was greeted with wasn’t in fact massive fish lips, but a subtle, yet healthy looking pout. Panic over! I could definitely see a difference, it wasn’t over the top but it was enough to make me think ‘this actually works!’. So after I’d decided my lips had gotten over the shock of all the blood rushing to the surface I popped on a little of the Moisturising Lip Balm that had been included in the package just to soften the finish. I’d say that the results lasted for around 4 or 5 hours and my lips returned completely back to normal afterwards.


The Balm itself is quite solid in texture in the actual pot. I really had to rub my finger into it to get the product out, but one it was it applied very smoothly to the lips and spread well. The balm has no particular scent or taste to it, but does contain moisturising ingredients like cocoa and shea butter, and jojoba seed oil.


As for the Volcanic Lip Scrub, this felt almost like coconut oil. It had the same solid consistency which turned into an oil upon application. It has lots of tiny black exfoliating particles which I’m guessing are due to the charcoal powder it contains. I cannot argue with how great it felt on the lips, and it did a perfect job of exfoliating prepping the lips for the plumping gel. But something I was not a fan of was the taste. Now I know you’re not supposed to eat it, but those little gritty bits have a way of finding their way into your mouth, so I would say if you do decide to give this one a go, keep your mouth shut! It was very effective but I have other lip scrubs which are just as good. This scrub contains almond and olive oil, and again there was no particular scent to it.


The Gold Collagen Hydrating Lip Masks were actually the last thing I tried. I got all excited with the plumping gel yet I probably should have gone in with this first. The box came with five individually wrapped gold coloured mask. I can’t find any information about what material the actual masks are made from but they felt the same as those hydrogel face masks, almost silicon and jelly like. Each individual pack is soaked a solution made up of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and that all important collagen. They also boast to contain gold extract, I’m not sure of the purpose of this but it certainly sounds fancy! The mask is very easy to apply to the lips and seem to stay in place pretty well, which is great as Plump It! recommend it to be worn for 20-30 minutes. Upon initial application it was cooling on the lips and gave off an ever so slight tingle.  They’re actually really fun and easy to wear and would be fab to pop on whilst in the bath having a soak.

The plumping gel and the lip masks are something that I will definitely continue to use as they do seem to do what they say on the tin, however the scrub and balm weren’t any better than anything I’ve got in my own cupboard. Price wise I think these are actually pretty sensible, and Plump It! offer bundles on their site giving you the opportunity to save some pennies. You can buy the complete collection for £49.99, or the plumper and mask bundle for £27.99 which is what I would probably gravitate towards.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my introduction to and review of Plump It! Their products are certainly fun to use and fab as far as temporary results go. If you liked this review please be sure to give it a little like! And leave me a comment letting me know if you’ve tried any of these items too.

With Love


N.B This post contains affiliate links and I received these product on a complimentary basis. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please visit my disclaimer for further details.


6 thoughts on “Reviewing ‘Plump It!’ Lip Products

  1. theconfessionsofanonlineshopaholic says:

    I’m always scared of using products that plump your lips in the fear of ‘fish lips’ as well haha, but this collection sounds fantastic! I really love the sound of the lip scrub because I love all things charcoal and the lip balm sounds just like one I’m using right now by Botanics! This is definitely a better alternative to the suction lips haha! 🙈xx

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