Getting Ready For Christmas

It’s December, which means one thing… CHRISTMAS!!!!! Finally the festive season has really begun! I’d seen a few Christmassy bits creeping into the shops since October, but for me I don’t really feel like I can embrace it before the twelfth month. Partially because I’m not mentally ready to put my head into it, but also because jingling the festive bells too early is just tempting fate when you share your house with a four-year old! I don’t think I could cope with more than three or fours weeks of constantly being asked ‘when’s Santa coming Mummy?’ and having to deliver the reply of ‘not yet sweetheart, just a few more sleeps’.


But now, the tree is up (well, one of them), gifts have started being wrapped, and our festive meat is on order. Every year we opt for a chicken as our Christmas day table centre piece. Mainly because we love a good chicken and in truth turkey just doesn’t do it for me. However this year my farther in law has offered to get his hands on a cockerel, as to whether we will go down that route is yet undecided! For dinner we’ve got my dad and the in-laws coming over and I’m now slightly panicking that the chicken I’ve got on order won’t be big enough. Maybe I should take the offer of cockerel. I’ve also ordered some sausage rolls from the butchers to pop in the oven on Christmas morning, as we love to pick at these at around 10 am whilst the bird is in the oven. And of course Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without pigs in blankets! Alongside food we do enjoy a festive tipple, and this years choice of Baileys has been well on the go for a couple of weeks now. I remember being able to get my hands on Mint Baileys in recent years, and am devastated that it doesn’t seem to be on the shelves anymore as it really was delicious, so I’ve gone for the good old Baileys Original instead. Plus it’s on offer at the moment in Tesco’s at £12 for a litre bottle. Bloody bargain if you ask me. Slightly regretting letting some of our house party guests use it for shots over the weekend, as the amount left for me to sup at has dropped considerably. Oh well, great excuse to go out and buy another bottle don’t you think?! Writing this also reminds me that I need to buy mulled wine. Nothing better than getting a whiff of warm spices floating across the kitchen from the hob. Stove sounds better but let’s be real, I don’t have a stove.


Since we moved house we’ve now got room for more than one tree, so I’m taking full advantage of the space! Our ever faithful artificial tree has been erected in the hallway, giving a lovely warm, festive feel when we walk in the door, and we are opting for a real tree for the living room. We’ve never had a real tree before so I’m super excited to get my hands on one and enjoy the aroma a living tree is said to provide. Plus it means I get to decorate all over again, and as Freddie enjoyed decorating the one in the hallway so much, I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with him again and seeing his little face light up.


Gift wise I feel as prepared as I do every other year. Which is not very! Freddie’s gifts are sorted and mostly wrapped, I find him quite easy to buy for as he’s at an age whereby he has developed interests in things like Power Rangers and Lego, but doesn’t have any awkward requests meaning I’d have to order from The Bermuda Triangle to get my hands on some sort of illusive contraption which can only be purchased with gold dust! I’m enjoying this as I feel this may be the last year where gift shopping for him will be this easy. The part I struggle with is family. Adults in particular. My sister-in-law has been easy to buy for as she loves make up, so no struggle there. My mum has ordered her own gift and given it to me to wrap so that was easy! However I’m struggling with my in-laws and dad, so suggestions welcome please! How many years in a row can you buy someone a hand cream gift set and a pair of socks?


When it comes to giving gifts, one of the main parts I enjoy is the wrapping! This year’s colour theme has turned out to be pink, white and brown (which sounds odd I know but if you see the image below you’ll get what I mean!). I’m so super particular when it comes to wrapping paper, and this year I’ve managed to find some lovely paper and tags in my beloved TK Maxx. NEXT has been a favourite for wrapping paper in recent years, as it’s good quality and I even love the little cutting guidelines on the back. There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than a wonky roll of paper!


So that’s as far as my Christmas prep has reached up to now. Still lots more to do such as filling the cupboards with nibbles and picking out my real tree (eek!) but I’m really enjoying the run up to the big day. Most of all, I’m looking forward seeing my baby’s face on Christmas morning when he see’s his special delivery from Santa. Because at the very end of the day, all of this, is for him.

With Love


9 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Christmas

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    This all sounds really exciting! We haven’t got the decorations up yet or got our tree! Lily has friends over for a sleepover Friday night so hopefully Sunday we can go tree hunting!
    Lily and I are veggie ( I have been since my teens) and raised Lily as a veggie but it’s always her own choice. We have veggie family members too so last year I made a Jamie Oliver nut roast which went down well. Lovely post!

    Samantha x

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