Dr Botanicals Reviewer Club – Tropical Invigorating Cream

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Today I want to chat to you all about a product, and brand which has been relatively new to me.  If you’ve been following my social media sites for a while now you’ll know much I love trying out new beauty products, and I’ve recently been lucky enough to be able to join the Dr Botanicals Product Reviewer Club. I’m currently on my second skin care item from them to try (you can read my brief Insta Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Mask review here), and I must say I’m quite rapidly falling in love with the brand. Just over two weeks ago I received their Tropical Invigorating Cream Duo Moisturiser (50ml) which is designed for normal to oily skin and described as a ‘lightweight cream formulated with elderflower to protect and repair the skin’. At this time of year when the weather is turning a little harsher on our skin, who could say no to that?! The Dr Botanicals website states that the main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Elderflower: Aims to protect the skin from free radical damage.
2) Chamomile Flower Extract: Works to heal and soothe irritated and damaged skin.
3) Tiare Flower Extract: Aims to deeply moisturise, nourish and purify the skin.


So to give this day cream a thorough test run, I decided to put my regular day cream to one side for the moment, and commit to consistently using the Tropical Invigorating Cream every morning. This has given my skin chance to get used to the product, and also see how it performs within my regular morning skin care routine. I was also able to see how it sits under make up which is a big deciding factor as to whether a moisturiser ticks the boxes for me.


Firstly let us take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the packaging for this cream really is! The outer packaging comes in the form of a printed brown cardboard box, which has a real earthy and natural feel to it. The detailing and product description on the box is clear, non fussy, well laid out which I like as I don’t particularly want to be spending 3 hours trying to decipher what the product’s purpose is and what the ingredients are. If we delve inside the box we are greeted with a stunning floral printed, silver metallic tube which boasts a real Hawaiian, tropical vibe. Very fitting considering the name! Dispensing the cream is easy via a simple hexagon shaped screw top.

Onto the actual cream itself, it really is an ultra lightweight formula which has a glossy serum like feel to it. This glossiness comes without any oil or greasiness  to it which is fab for my oily skin type. The consistency is rich yet not heavy which are two characteristics I haven’t often see together. It spreads across the skin with minimal effort and soaks in almost instantly, drying down to a soft velvet like finish. I’ve not yet tried anything like this, that feels nourishing and hydrating without a lingering, greasy weight to it. I’ve also found that my foundation applies and sits very well over the top, so much so that I’ve not felt the need to use a primer beforehand. This cream is almost a one stop shop!


Fragrance wise the overall aroma is very light and almost fruity yet on the contrary the ingredients list contains a number of various floral extracts such as ‘sambucus nigra’ and ‘gardenia tahitensis’ flowers. I’m not familiar with the notes within these flowers however combined with all of the other ingredients the end result seems more fruity than floral to me personally. Never the less, a very enticing and invigorating scent which I’ve grown very fond of. In fact I was initially impressed with this product just by the scent and packaging alone.

For anyone who is an ethical beauty lover, you’ll be glad to hear that Dr Botanicals’ products are not only cruelty free, but vegan too! Additionally their products are made here in the UK for anyone who might be interested to know. Now price point wise I won’t lie, Dr Botanicals in not the cheapest of skin care brands on the market, the Tropical Invigorating Cream in particular retails on their website for £39.90 for the full size 50ml tube. Based on what I’ve used so far since receiving it, I anticipate that this particular tube, if continued to be used daily, will probably last me somewhere between two to three months. Granted I personally find that a pea sized amount is perfect for my needs, however if you like to absolutely lather your face in day cream you would probably get through this 50ml tube in around six weeks. Circa £40 is quite expensive for six weeks, and even two months worth of day cream in my eyes, but again it’s all down to the user and what you deem to be an expensive or inexpensive price point. I have been lucky to be able to try this cream simply for the cost of shipping which was around £6 so I really can’t complain! Would I consider making it a permanent staple of my morning skin care routine? If it was regularly on offer then yes, certainly. But as it stands at the moment this cream is possibly a little over what I would normally spend. It’s the sort of product I’d splurge on maybe twice a year as a treat. I certainly can’t argue with the results, and the fact that it’s cruelty free is a huge winner for me. I can’t say anything negative about it based on my current experience, the only downside being that it’s a little out of my comfortable price range. They do however have some great deals on other products online, and some fab looking gift sets such as the Japanese Orange Ultimate Collection (£49 for three products) and their Body Cleansing and Exfoliating Bars are currently half price (£9.90) making them great stocking stuffers.


If you are interested in seeing more of the Dr Botanicals range you can visit their website here, and if you fancy exploring their Product Reviewers Club click here to find out more. Are you already part of the club and if so have you had the pleasure of trying the Tropical Invigorating Cream? I’d love to hear if you have!

With Love


Disclaimer – This post is in no way sponsored by the brand upon which this post is based. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Caption in italics are information directly from the product packaging and brand website.


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