My Current Oily Skin Care Routine

Happy Weekend Lovelies!!

So a friend of mine recently asked me about the products I’ve been using in my skin care routine, and it got me thinking that this would make an ideal blog post! I’m going to keep this as fluff free as possible and break it down into morning and evening, briefly detailing the steps I take and products I use, alongside some information about the products I use ad-hoc.



CleanseLittle Green Soap Company Cleansing Oil. Massaged in the face for a couple of minutes, then thoroughly removed with a warm, wet wash cloth. Full of natural oils, this is a great way to wake up the skin in the morning.

TonePixi Glow Tonic – A gentle exfoliating toner which contains glycolic acid. Applied onto a cotton pad and swept all over the face and neck.

Nourish Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist – This contains hyaluronic acid and acts as the first step of hydration. Lightly mist all over the face and neck and allow to soak in for a few minutes. Up until it ran out, I was absolutely loving a sample of the Bare Minerals Skinlongevity Serum I had. I will definitely be purchasing the full size version in the future as it was amazing as brightening and evening out skin tone.

Moisturise – I’ve been flitting between Soap & Glory’s Speed Plump Moisturiser (which is actually for dry skin but my skin loves it!), and my recently re-discovered Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser which has been fab under make up. Again applied all over the face and neck. Sometimes I’ve been going in with a little of the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream if I feel I need it.



CleansePixi & Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse – I use both side of this, the cleansing balm and the cleansing cream. Double cleansing ensures that every last scrap of make up and grime is removed. I do however use The Body Shop Camomile Eye & Lip Make up Remover before hand for my eye make up as I find this to be the most effective and gentle.

TonePixi Glow Tonic – A gentle exfoliating toner which contains Glycolic Acid. Applied onto a cotton pad and swept all over the face and neck.

Nourish Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist, left to settle in, then Caudalie Over Night Detox Oil. This oil is packed with natural ingredient and my skin feels amazing the next morning!

MoisturiseLanocreme Reviving Manuka Honey Night Cream. This is really hydrating and sinks in fairly well which I prefer from my night creams. Nobody wants to slide off of their pillow!


The so products above of the items I use daily, however I do quite regularly throw a face mask or peel in there. I’ve been loving the Body Shop’s Mineral & Ginger Warming Clay Mask and the Oh K! Sleep Mask. I really like the Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask when I’ve got one in my stash. If I feel my skin’s a little dull I pop on The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, usually about once a fortnight. I do also dabble with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5 , but not as much since I’ve had the Pixi Milky Mist which already has hyaluronic acid in it. For blemish prone areas like my chin I have been persisting with The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2% but I still can’t see that it really does much. Feel like I’m kind of using it for the sake of it, but hey ho.

One other change I have made to my routine is making sure I change my wash cloths and towels regularly. I used to use the same on for 3 or 4 days straight, but then realised that I can’t expect my skin to be clean when my wash cloth probably isn’t. So those now get changed every 2 days. The same goes for pillow cases. I have two pillows on my bed and try to swap and flip them so I’m not laying my face on the same surface a few days running. Maybe sounds a little random but I don’t think the build up of previous night’s rubbed off face cream helps matters.


So there we have it! My current skin care routine for morning and night. I do try other bits here and there, like the Dr. Botanicals Tropical Invigorating Cream I received yesterday will be replacing my current moisturiser whilst I test it out, but generally the products I’ve talked above are those that I know work for my skin right now.

I’d love to hear about your routines too, post me the details in the comments below!

With Love



12 thoughts on “My Current Oily Skin Care Routine

  1. Bridie says:

    Really good blog, very helpful as I’ve not much knowledge on what I should be doing to clean and cleanse my skin. I shall be giving this a try to see if this helps my tired over worked skin. Thanks Louise xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      Hmmm, interesting question. I will say that I am NO WAY a skincare expert, but I believe most of these products are suitable for all skin types. I can’t see anywhere on the pixi products that they’re specifically for oily or dry skin. I’d have thought a cleansing oil would be great for combination skin, especially for the dryer areas? Maybe just use a heavier duty moisturiser on the dry areas, and a lighter one on the oily. Like I said, the Soap and Glory moisturiser I use is meant to be for dry dehydrated skin, but it’s so light that it doesn’t cause my oily skin any problems. It really is trial and error! x


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