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Welcome back lovely readers!

As I enjoyed writing my very first ‘In The Spotlight’ post about Tarte Cosmetics so much, (which you can see here),  I wanted to start writing my next one straight away whilst the iron’s hot! In this edition we are going to be taking a brief yet closer look at a brand which I find so illusive, yet adore. Their mystery is both intriguing and frustrating. If you’ve read the post title, you’ll have already have guessed that I’m going to talk about Charcoalogy. So let’s dive straight in…


Charcoalogy is a Thai brand offering a range of skin and hair care products, which is quite limited from what I have researched. From the brand’s very name you will probably be able to sense that their range is based on the beneficial cleansing properties of charcoal. Bamboo charcoal to be precise. Reasoning as to why bamboo charcoal is different to, or better than charcoal itself, seems to be limited. The only information I could find is that bamboo charcoal is supposedly great at absorbing toxic substances, which I’m guessing relates to absorbing toxins within our skin? But don’t hold me to that, it’s purely an assumption. The products I’ve used so far also contain other well-known ingredients such as coconut oil, cucumber, tea tree and aloe vera, alongside a concoction of other natural oils and leaf extracts, ginkgo biloba to name just one.

From what I’ve seen, Charcoalogy’s range covers cleansing face washes, body washes, cleansing bars and shampoo & conditioner. I’ve been fanatical about their Detoxifying Face Wash for quite some time after picking it up in my local TK Maxx store for about £4.00. I was drawn to their simple, black and white packaging which makes the product look fuss free, yet slightly ’boutiqesque’ if you get my drift. The packaging feels good quality and I haven’t experienced any problems so far such broken lids or peeling labels. I’ve also tried their body washes which come in generous 400ml black pump bottles. I’m a huge fan of these, especially as I’ve recently become obsessed by anything that comes with a pump! It’s easy to dispense and there’s no risk of leakage or waste because you simply squirt what you need. Sounds simple, but every little helps! I haven’t yet tried the shampoo or conditioner but I think they come in the same pump bottle as the body wash. Again the body wash was around £3.00 or £4.00, so you can already see that this in an affordable brand.


So let’s talk about quality. I’ve been really impressed by the performance of the face and body washes, both of them lather up really well and leave the skin feeling clean without stripping you of every last drop of moisture. The body wash comes in at least three varieties; Detoxifying, Soothing and Replenishing. Would it surprise you to know I’ve tried all three?! All of them are almost identical in texture being a black, smooth gel which as I mentioned,  lather up very almost instantly. Eash one has a very pleasant, clean and fresh fragrance but my favourite so far has been the Replenishing wash, which contains coconut oil and aloe vera. As for the face wash I have tried two different varieties, firstly the Detoxifying wash, and then the Purifying Facial Clay Cleanser. The Detoxifying wash has a very similar texture and look to the body washes, whereas the clay cleanser has more of a thicker feel to it and is a muted silver colour. Both washes lather well and are refreshing to use. The scents are pleasant but not overpowering which I think is ideal for anything being used on the face. They are also pretty nifty when it comes to removing makeup, stubborn mascara included. The only product of theirs I haven’t been a massive fan of is the Cleansing Bar, I found it gave off the usual tacky feel you can often get from soaps and it’s all a bit too messy for me.


Finally, you may be reading this thinking ‘Great! Where can I buy this?’. That’s something I’m going to struggle with I’m afraid. I stumbled across Charcoalogy products in TK Maxx, and it’s been pretty much hit and miss as to whether I can get my hands on them when I visit the store. I’ve even resorted to stocking up on two or three bits at a time, worried that I won’t be able to get them when I need to replenish. ‘Surely you can purchase them online’ you might say, but even this has proven difficult, especially as TK Maxx don’t list them on their website! The only place I have found anything Charcoalogy related is on Amazon, and they’re usually listed abroad and shipping fees are ridonkulous. I’ve tried going direct to the source, but the only online existence of the brand is a Facebook and an Instagram page, where they showcase lovely black and white images with clever captions, but nothing whatsoever in terms of links to where their products can be purchased. You can see why I label them as ‘illusive’! Furthermore, there is no information relating to their cruelty free status, all I know is that the products are made in Thailand, and there is some sort of link to a company by the name of NBC Apparel in Watford. All of this information is from the label. That’s all I’ve got!

I feel a little bit guilty for writing a blog post about this amazing brand, that I love and am dying to try more of, hyping it up to the hills. All the while knowing that it’s so bloody hard to get hold of! I am a little wary that the lack of information available is so limited, yet the quality of the products speaks volumes and I just can’t get enough. The products are so reasonably priced, yet don’t feel cheap and nasty. They even look asthetically pleasing in the shower and on the bathroom shelf.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from anyone that has experienced using Charcoalogy products, even more so if you can tell me where I can get hold of a more reliable stock source! Thank you so much for reading, you being here means to world to me and I appreciate every one of you.

With Love



N.B All of the information in this post is based upon online research using the most up to date sources available to hand. All images are my own.



14 thoughts on “In The Spotlight – Charcoalogy

  1. bexfaye says:

    These products look so good and the brand sounds interesting! I like discovering foreign brands.. just a shame they aren’t sold in more places. TK max can be a hit or miss if they sell them or not 🙈 great post x

    Liked by 1 person

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      You’re totally right! There are quite a few products I’ve tried in there that are really hard to get hold of elsewhere. They seem to keep getting Charcoalogy in dribs and drabs, not sure how long it will last though! x


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