October’s Beauty Empties

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Autumn is well underway and I hope you’re all enjoying the subtle cosyness that is creeping in. Snuggly knits and fluffy socks have landed in our house, and I’m so glad of them as the weather’s definitely hit us with a chilly snap! As we’ve reached November, it’s time for another beauty empties post. So here’s a brief run down of the products I’ve used up throughout October, and what they’ve been replaced with.


Pixi Glow Tonic – This was something new I purchased and started using towards the end of September. I’d already started using Pixi & Caroline Hirons’ Double Cleanse and wanted to try more from the brand. I’d been looking to introduce a new toner into my skin care regime and as Glow Tonic has been a majorly raved about product for quite a while, I wanted to see what all the fuss was over. Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner which contains 5% Glycolic Acid which is supposedly good for clearing pores and breakouts. Anything with the word ‘acid’ in it can be quite daunting, but this toner is very gentle and suitable for all skin types. I can’t say that my skin is drastically brighter, but teamed with my recently revamped cleansing routine my skin has remained remarkably clearer that it was, and it feels good to know my skin is gently being exfoliated daily without using harsh scrubs. At £18 for a 250ml bottle which has lasted me about a month, this isn’t the cheapest of toners but I like the results and am determined to stick with it. Replaced with: Repurchased.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Bath Milk – The Almond Milk & Honey range is aimed at sensitive and dry skin, which I don’t particularly suffer with but am a sucker for anything with honey in it. I’m even confident using it in my son’s bath water. This is a lovely, creamy bubble bath which smells so good and produced plenty of bubbles. It’s 100% vegetarian and cruelty free too. If you adore sweet honey fragrances I’m sure you’ll like this. I also have the body butter and hand cream which are just as enjoyable to use.  Replaced with: The Body Shop British Rose Bath Cream.


Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus – Brilliant Blonde – After trying out a few different dry shampoos, I’m definitely finding that Batiste is the brand for me. I will be honest, I didn’t enjoy their 2-in-1 dry shampoo & conditioner, but as for actual dry shampoo, this stuff is fabulous. It does exactly what I want it to, and doesn’t leave any white residue at the roots. As this is aimed at blonde hair it does have a slight yellowish tint to it, which I didn’t realise until I accidentally sprayed some on my forehead and was left with a yellow powdery patch on the skin! So I would advise being careful when using at the very front hair-line, but other n the added colour is a bonus. It’s often on offer in Boots & Superdrug so won’t break the bank either. Replaced with: Colab Paradise Dry Shampoo (as had already bought before this one was empty).


Oh K! 3 Step Blackhead Clearing Nose Pore Strips – I wouldn’t normally go out and purchase nose pore strips as I like using a charcoal mask on this area, but I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Oh K! Beauty and this was one of the items I received. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, and includes three separate nose strips which you use one after the other. The first aims to soften dead skin, the second removes impurities and the third tightens pores. Each strip is designed to be left on for different lengths of time, ranging from 10 – 30 minutes. If you left them on for the maximum time stated for each strip it would take just over an hour to use the whole set, so definitely not a product you can pick up if you’re in a hurry. The strips were nice to use, stuck to the skin well and weren’t overly messy. As I don’t tend to suffer with a major amount of blackheads I can’t say that the results were impressive, as I don’t think there was a lot to remove in the first place, but if you do suffer with them on your nose and have the time to use this regime then I think it might be worth a go. I like the concept however can’t say I’d go out and purchase them but I think that’s more due to my needs, not the quality of the actual product. Replaced with: None.


The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-up Remover – I spoke about this in a recent Instagram post and in a past empties post, and I think I must be on my third bottle of the stuff. In a nutshell it’s calming, effective and removes anything in its path. Suitable for sensitive skin (as the entire camomile range is) it’s fab for everyone, I’d even recommend this for teenagers that may have just started wearing make up as it’s so gentle. The solution is part oil, which you mix with the rest of the bottle by shaking before use. I even know someone who switched their high-end make up remover to this and loved the results! Replaced with – Repurchased.


Original Source Sweet Apple & Vanilla Shower Milk – Another milky bathing product! Original Source has always been a brand that’s stood out to me in the shops, mostly because of the packaging and the range of scents available. There always seems to be something that catches my eye. Plus the supermarkets often have these body washes on offer, and I went through a stage of refusing to pay more that £1 for a bottle of shampoo/bodywash/bubble bath etc. Sweet Apple & Vanilla is right up my street as it’s so sweet and fruity, a real treat to use in the shower. I actually found this half used bottle at the back of the cupboard and almost felt guilty for forgetting about it. Is it a problem when you start actually feeling bad for your beauty products?! Anyway, I rediscovered it and remembered why I loved it in the first place. Plus it’s one of the few mass produced skin care brands available on the high street with is actually cruelty free and vegan. Lots of plus points for this one. Replaced with: Switched back to Charcoalogy Cleansing Bodywash.

Nature Republic Rose Sheet Mask – As I love anything rose scented I didn’t have to think twice about picking this up in TK Maxx. It’s the same old concept as any other Korean sheet mask so I can’t really rave on about it. It was quite ‘drippy’ but I used this one in the bath where I don’t have to worry about the essence running down my neck. It smelt quite strongly of rose which I liked and my skin felt nice after too. I would buy this again if I came across it, but other than that there’s not much more I can say. A sheet mask is a sheet mask! – Replaced with: None.


Little Green Soap Company Luxury Jasmine Bath Truffles – I am in love! I came across these on Etsy, produced by a small independent skin care company in Lancashire. These arrived as a set of four hand rolled truffles, lovingly packaged in a small brown gift box wrapped in white tissue paper (amazing gift idea!). The first thing I noticed was the scent, heavily perfumed by the natural oils included in the ingredients. If you like a sensual, scented bath then these would be right up your street! Rolled within the truffles are small pieces of jasmine flower, which slowly release into the water as the truffle dissolves. The cocoa butter within the truffles leave the water and your skin feeling like silk, there really is nothing quite like them. After using the last one, I instantly order more, however the jasmine ones have been replaced with a selection of four different truffles which I will link. Replaced with: Little Green Soap Company Gift Set Bath Truffles.

Mascara – I’ve got two here to mention, not sure whether it’s because they’re empty or just dried up, but they’re no longer usable so have made the empties cut! First up is the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I’ve loved this mascara since the very first time I used it because it coats the lashes amazingly whilst giving perfect separation. The wand on this is very similar to that of the Tarte Maneater and Arbonne It’s A Long Story mascaras, all of them having short, dense, evenly spaced bristles which seem to give my lashes the lift and definition I look for. The only thing that puts me off repurchasing ‘They’re Real’ is that fact that Benefit isn’t a completely cruelty free beauty brand, as they sell in China where animal testing of cosmetic products sold there is required by law. The second mascara that makes this empties list is Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast HD Mascara. This is such a fabulous and affordable mascara which I picked up quite some time ago so I’m not surprised it’s now past it! The wand has short uniform bristle which run in a spiral from top to bottom. It lays down product well and gives a decent amount of volume and thickness. The formula supposedly contains collagen, pre-peptides and long stretch polymers (as per the S&G website) and boast no flake, long wearing technology. Very fancy for £10.50 if you ask me!


Native Unearthed Natural Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant Balm – As someone who had never been even the slighted bit interested in trying natural deodorants, I can honestly say I have been totally converted! This Native Unearthed deodorant balm came in a past beauty box and I’ve not looked back since receiving it. It’s quite a thick balm that melts down into a pasty consistency when rubbed between the fingers, and I simply spread it all over my underarms and go about my day. It totally stops any unpleasant body oder, but as it doesn’t contain antiperspirant it doesn’t stop you actually sweating. I’ve since discovered that you shouldn’t really stop yourself from sweating as it’s the body’s natural way of releasing harmful toxins. What do ya know! After finishing up the sample jar I purchased the full size tub in July and have only just finished it up this month, so it’s lasted a good few months. Replaced with: Repurchased.

So those are the products I finished up during October, and you can see that a few of them were re-purchased as I’ve really liked the results I’ve been getting. What have you been loving during the month of October? Let me know!

With Love



N.B All images and opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “October’s Beauty Empties

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      Don’t they just! And I love that they come in so many different scents. Definitely look at giving Glow Tonic a go, Pixi do small 10ml bottles if you want to try it out without investing in a large bottle. Thanks for reading lovely 😙 xx


  1. theconfessionsofanonlineshopaholic says:

    I’ve still been meaning to try out Pixi and I’ve heard so much about the Pixi Glow Toner! The Almond & Milk range by The Body Shop sounds amazing! I suffer from quite sensitive skin, so I’m definitely going to have to try that, and the British Rose selection is a good replacement too! The Little Green Soap Company sounds like the perfect gift set for Christmas and they look fantastic!

    Jenny x


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