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Hi Guys!

So I fancied doing a new little feature alongside the usual beauty favourites and empties posts. Rather than just talking about one beauty product in particular, I feel like homing in on particular brands that I’ve had the pleasure of using, giving you my personal thoughts on their product range, quality and affordability. This might be skin care, make up or even hair care. So I introduce to you ‘In The Spotlight’!

There are already a number of brands I’d like to cover in the coming months, and I’m not promising that this will be featured every month, but I thought a great place to start was with one of my favourite beauty brand discoveries so far on my journey… U.S based Tarte Cosmetics. A fairly young brand that was launched in 2000 and seems to have made quite its mark in the beauty world. I discovered Tarte through watching YouTube blogger videos and fell in love with their beautiful packaging, stunning product range and brand ethos. All of their products are cruelty free, many are vegan and boast to be formulated from ‘high performance naturals’ meaning they are good for the skin. Their range covers makeup, tools and skin care, each broken down into different collections such as Rainforest of the Sea, Tarteist and Amazonian Clay. They also claim to actively promote and encourage sustainability within their brand, giving back to the communities from which ingredients are sourced, and working with organisations such as the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Alongside this they created the anti cyber-bullying campaign #kissandmakeup, whilst contributing towards humanitarian organisations too. Lots of positive activity over at Tarte HQ!

Tarte is a U.S based brand and QVC seems to be the only UK stockist at the moment, however you can order directly from the Tarte website if you don’t mind paying the customs charges. My first Tarte purchase was in fact from QVC and one of their fab offers, the collection I ordered was the ‘Maneater Must Haves’ which consisted of the following…

Now some items above are linked as they are available on the website, however the ones that are not linked are I’m guessing discontinued or were possibly limited to this specific set. From memory this entire collection cost me between Β£50-60, which is a fraction of the RRP you would pay for each of the products individually. Bloody bargain if you ask me! When I received it, I was in LOVE. The quality was impeccable, and felt high-end. It was obviously a risk purchasing these without being able to test any of the products out before hand, and sadly the foundation shade was just too light for my skin tone. This is available in twenty-five different shades, however in my opinion there aren’t many for deep skin tones in this range. This foundation was delight to use and it had a mousse like lightness to it, but just not a fit for me due to the colour. So that was shipped off to the sister-in-law to enjoy. I was super sad about this as that was one of the main reasons I went for this collection, but I still felt like I’d got my money’s worth with the rest of the items. I did keep the buffing brush though, as it’s too pretty to part with!


Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

The Maneater Eyeshadow Palette is my most reached for palette, filled with warm toned reds and browns that are beautifully pigmented and blend like a dream. There are also a couple of light neutral shades and a very light shimmer which can double up as a highlighter. This is a palette which is fab for Autumn and I would highly recommend! Teamed up with this is the Maneater Mascara, which to this day is still one of my favourites. I love the formula and the wand has very fine, short and well spaced bristles which give my lashes amazing lift and separation. The eyeliner is nice, but I prefer a liquid liner personally so this maybe doesn’t get as much use as it could. The Lip Sculptor lipstick is also a firm favourite, being a dual ended lipstick and lipgloss. The lipstick itself is creamy and pigmented, wearing well throughout the day or night. It’s non drying too. It is available in sixteen different shades and boasts five star reviews!


Tarteist Lip Paints in the shade ‘Rose’ & ‘Fomo’ (left to right)

So after discovering all of these products I was hooked. I loved the makeup I had tried and was intrigued about their skin care, the Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser to be precise. I’d seen Kandee Johnson rave about it and I had to have it!! So I went in for the kill and ordered directly from the Tarte website, prepared to pay the shipping and taxes whatever they may be. The Frxxxtion stick retails for Β£20 and as I needed to spend over Β£40 to get free shipping it was the ideal opportunity to try some more of this brand. So I popped the Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette. Then I slung the Tartiest Lip Paint Mini Duo in there for good measure. Would have been rude not to don’t you think?!


Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette (includes brush)

They arrived and boy the customs charges were worth it! Swamp Queen was as beautiful and pigmented as the Maneater Palette. In truth the packaging isn’t as impressive (personal opinion alert!) but as it’s a colab you half expect something a little outside of the box. This palette houses nine eye shadows, along with a blush, contour and highlighting shade. Great having everything in one place for when you’re on your travels. The mini Tarteist lip paints are again very pigmented and apply like a dream. However I have noticed that they differ slightly in consistency, one being more runny that the other.. The shade ‘Fomo‘ which is an orangy brown does wear off a little quicker on the inner lip than ‘Rose‘ and this might be down to the difference in consistency. But I have only experienced this after eating which doesn’t always help matters. I regularly reach for these liquid lipsticks as the colours are just so lovely feel nice to wear. Lastly was the Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser. THIS.IS.FAB! It comes in the form of a solid, twistable stick which has tiny exfoliating particles within. You literally rub the stick all over wet skin and massage in to remove all of the day’s make up, grime and dead skin cells. It can even be left on as a mask which I often did in the shower whilst washing my hair. I loved that it was so easy to use and because it’s in solid form it’s ideal for travelling with as it won’t tip you over any pesky liquid restrictions. I’m writing this in past tense as I’ve used it all up (*sad face) and am waiting until I’m ready to place another order to restock.


Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser

So you can probably tell that Tarte is a brand I really love. I’ve not been disappointed by the quality or performance of anything I’ve tried so far, and if you lurk around the QVC website you can get some really amazing deals here in the UK. I do wish that the customs charges from the U.S weren’t as hefty as they are, or that a high street retailer like Selfridges would stock them, but one can only dream! If Tarte isn’t a brand that you’ve tried, or even heard of, I highly recommend looking them up. They certainly are not one of the cheapest beauty brands on the market, but they offer some beautiful products, with ethics and wellbeing in mind which is certainly a winner for me. I’ve got a couple of their other items on my beauty wish list (scroll to bottom to see) such as the Shapetape Concealer and Tight & Bright Clay Face Mask.

Let me know what you think of this new feature. Is it something you’d be interested in seeing more of? My aim is to provide a brief but informative overview of the brand and products I’ve tried, without wittering on for hours!

Your thoughts are appreciated as always.

With Love

Lou – Pretty Polly Beauty x


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    • prettypollybeauty says:

      It is beautiful! The lighter shades aren’t deeply pigmented, but the darker and metallic shades are better. The highlight is actually quite pigmented and they are very buildable. I’ve personally found Tarte’s matte shades to be more pigmented than their shimmers, but that’s just me! 😊 xx

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