October GlossyBox – Mermaids vs Unicorns

Hello and welcome!

If you are an avid GlossyBox subscriber then you may have already received your October box and experienced the beauty that lies within. If not, then be warned, spoiler alert!


This month GlossyBox decided to run with the magical theme that is all things Mermaids and Unicorns, which you will see is based upon one of the fab items included in the edit. Glossies were given the opportunity to decide whether they wanted to receive a Mermaid themed box, or a Unicorn themed one. You could totally leave it to chance and see what popped through the letterbox. I decided to go for the Mermaid box. Firstly I just want to say how beautiful the box designs are for this theme, as always it’s very well thought out and eye-catching, plus their boxes look fab for using as storage/display in your dressing room. The Mermaid box displays a beautiful blue to purple ombre effect, with the word ‘Mermaid’ across the front in dazzling chunky, foiled lettering. You are then greeted by the slogan ‘Be A Mermaid And Make Waves’ inside the lid. Very cute! Impressively October’s box contains five full-sized products. Yes FIVE! I’ve totted up the total value of the products based on their RRP, which comes to £51.48. Not bad for a box costing around £13 depending on your subscription choice. 


So let’s get down to contents. Starting with the star of the show on which the whole October theme is based upon, Makeup Revolution’s Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette. This palette contains 12 shadows, housing six bluey green tones at one end, and deep purples, pinks and a black at the other. This is definitively a fun palette to look at, and the colours are fab for those who like to be a little more adventurous with their eye looks. I think you could create a really dramatic eye using a mixture of these colours, or use just one or two to spice up a more subtle eye. This palette retails at £4.00 on Tambeauty.com, which is super affordable, especially if you are looking for a cheap palette to learn or play about with. If you are on the warm tone train then you probably won’t find much here to tickle your pickle, as the only warm tone is a singe red. But other than that, this palette is fun, pretty to look at and easy on the purse.


Next up we have the Brush Cleansing Egg from Kawaii Enterprise. This is the same as any other little rubber brush cleaner, with nodules and groves to run your wet soapy brushes on until they are squeaky clean. I already have a very similar brush cleaner when works really well, so for me this will be more of a back up in case I loose or break mine. This retails at £7.99, but I personally think you could find one cheaper on eBay or Amazon, mine came from Wish and cost about £1. Depending on whether you’re a Mermaid or a Unicorn will decide upon which colour you receive. Mine is a pretty blue colour.


Thirdly I received a Crème to Powder Blush from Sleek Makeup in the shade Gerbera, which has a very warm, orangey tone to it. I tend to gravitate more towards peachy tones, and this isn’t that far off, but for me it will have to be used sparingly as it’s quite intense. As for it being crème to powder, it transitions very well, turning powdery as soon as it hits the skin. Sleek describe it as having a dewy, satin finish which it does have. The packaging is strikingly similar to that of Nars compacts, with a simple, black design and it feels very good quality. This would be a lovely blush to pop in your travel bag. The RRP of this one is £5.99 which is nice and affordable.


Next, the Magic Brow Perfect Eyebrow Pencil from Lord & Berry in the shade Brunette. Now I’m not massively overwhelmed by Lord & Berry products, and I have a Meech N Mia brow pencil that is queen to me at the moment, so to replace that this would have to be particularly good. Being a brunette pencil you can probably guess that this is quite dark, which I don’t mind having naturally dark roots myself. I think this pencil will require a light hand just from the swatches I’ve done as it lays down products nicely without having to press too hard. The product doesn’t wipe away easily either so I think it will have decent staying power. On Lord & Berry’s website this brow pencil has a spoolie on one end, yet the one we received doesn’t. This retails at £14, which I wouldn’t normally spend on an eyebrow pencil. But then if it works wonders it may be worth the money.


The last item in the box, which is also the most expensive is Bang Beauty’s Cream Color in the shade ‘Dolce Pink’. This is a pretty pink toned multi use cream for lips, cheeks and eyes. It has a fair bit of shimmer in it so would make a fab highlighter if you like pink tones. It remains tacky and doesn’t dry down so this wouldn’t really be my go to for all over the eyelids, but I do think it would be cute to dab just a little above the centre lash line to add a pop to your eyes. I also think it would be fab as a topper over your favourite lipstick. Sadly there is a major downside to this product, as it states it is made in China on the label, so I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going to be cruelty free. Yet GlossyBox state on their info card that this product is both vegan and cruelty free! Does this mean that actual contents isn’t made in China, but the packaging is? I’m confused so if anyone can shine some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. The RRP for this item is £19.50 so not cheap, but never the less very pretty and handy if you want a little something to pop in your handbag whilst you’re on the go.


So there we have it. I must say that October’s box has been one of my favourite as far as first impressions go, for the box itself and the contents. I am a bit miffed by the cruelty free confusion on the Bang Beauty product but I’ll definitely be researching this a little more. If you are loving this month’s theme you may be pleased to know you can also grab an exclusive ‘Mermaid’ or ‘Unicorn’ embroidered sweater from the GlossyBox website for £29.99. This may only be available to GlossyBox subscribers so I’d advise checking that out. That’s if there’s any left!


On a final note, I have decided to cancel all of my beauty subscription when my sign up periods come to a close. I absolutely love receiving them, and have discovered some amazing products along the way which I have repurchased and now love. But I’m finding that I have so many samples to get through and things will just end up getting shoved on the shelf until they’ve probably gone out of date! This was the last month of my GlossyBox subscription so sadly there will be no more for a while, and my Love Me Beauty one comes to a close soon. Plus the money I spend on them will be going towards the products I’ve found that work for me, and Pixi Double Cleanse isn’t cheap! This isn’t to say I won’t be signing up again in the future, but for now it’s time for a rest. I have seen some great looking cruelty free and natural beauty boxes which are very tempting for the future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up of this month’s GlossyBox, and apologies if you haven’t received yours yet and I’ve totally wrecked the surprise for you!

Thanks for reading,

Lou – Pretty Polly Beauty x


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