September’s Beauty Empties

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Well, we’re here again! Another empties post signifies the beginning of a new month, can somebody please tell me where 2017 is skulking off too? I’ve heard that the older you get the quicker time passes, but this is just getting silly! To be fair I have been super pre-occupied with my son starting his very first year of school, spending most of my time dithering about whether he’s enjoying himself, and trying not to be late for the newly scheduled drop off’s and pick up’s.

Anyhoo, onto those all important empties! I feel I’ve got some pretty lovely products to share with you this month, and you may be interested to see some of the items they’ve been replaced with. There are also one or two make-up items in this one, compared to August’s zero make-up status.

So without further a do…

111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel – Well, this is supposedly meant to be the Rolls Royce of eye creams. At around £110 a go for full size this is some serious stuff. I personally did not venture out and empty my purse whilst drunk on 50ml, but instead took full advantage of this as a lovely beauty box goodie. Now my very first blog post was about eye creams which included the 111Skin cream, you can find that here, and this one was very highly regarded by me. In summary, did I like it? Yes. Would I go out and buy it? Nope. I cannot justify spending that level of pennies on eye cream that will probably get rubbed off on my pillow or husband’s forehead. To me that’s just ludicrous. No offence to those who have purchased this though. Each to their own and all that. Replaced with: Other sample pots I’m trawling my way through.


Tony Moly ‘I’m Real’ Aloe Sheet Mask – I could probably bang on about these every month, but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to refer you to a previous post where you can see my thoughts on these! I’ve also used the Lotus Flower Brightening & Whitening Mask from The Yeon. This was a nice mask to use, pretty much like any other. I didn’t see any visable difference after use but it wasn’t drippy and felt comfortable on the skin.

This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up Primer – I don’t like using this word, but bae. Sorry. This stuff is so so good!!! I used this primarily as a primer but in actual fact it serves as a 3-in-1 mask, moisturiser and primer, which was ab fab for those morning when I get up late. (Not that that happens often of course, I’m an organised mother with superwoman like powers. Totally not lying at all). I could slap this on safe in the knowledge that it was doing more for my skin that just offering a good base for make up. It dries down quickly into a smooth velvety finish and there isn’t a foundation I’ve tried that doesn’t sit beautifully on top of it. I have been squeezing every last drop out of a sample size, and the full size is actually on my wish list (scroll to the bottom if you will), but as it’s not the cheapest of primers at £30 I’m waiting to see if Santa brings me any Christmas pennies. Plus I have others to get through first. Replaced with: Kiko Milano Radiant Boost Face Base.


Valquer Ice Hair Mask Total Repair – This little sample bottle came in the August Glossy Box, and even though I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed when I first used it, I grew to become quite the fan (visit my Instagram post for a more in-depth review).  This is a deep conditioning mask that gives off a cooling sensation when used, and I would certainly purchase this again should I come across it in the future. Replaced with: Back to use my usual Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask as this was only a sample.

Soap & Glory Drama Clean Micellar Water – As far as micellar waters go this is a nice one. For a start the bottle is huge so can last quite a while depending on how heavy-handed you are with it. It claims to be a 5-in-1 product which I think is nice if you are looking for a quick and easy ‘all rounder’ bottle to take on your travels. There’s no scent, it’s been gentle and kind to my skin and effectively removes whatever I ask it to. I would buy this again in the future, however due to trying to buckling down my skin care regime I don’t think I actually have need for a micellar water any more, and I actually started using it more as a toner. This isn’t to say I won’t be buying another to keep for travels. Replaced with: Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic.


Dior Addict Lipcolour in shade 223 Beige Negligee – struggling to part with this one in truth. It’s a lipstick I’ve owned for longer that I probably should have, but it just looks so pretty on my dressing table! It’s currently a the stage whereby a cotton bud is needed to scrape the very last of the product out of it, and I’m feeling that now is maybe the time to say goodbye. Beige Negligee is the most beautiful, sheer coral pink, with a hint of shimmer and shine. I can’t link it for you as I don’t actually think this is a current line any more, believe me I’ve looked.

Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask – Oh how we love a good fad! And we love it even more when it actually works! These type of bootie style foot peel masks have been all over the shop, and my feet needed some serious TLC so I decided to give it a go. In all honesty I was helped along a little by a girl in the office who had experienced recent success. As I love the Oh K! Hydrogel sheet mask I was confident in trying their foot peel. I have done a full write up of my experience here, but to summarise results were positive, although a little slow going. Patience is key! Would certainly buy again. Replaced with: not replaced as of yet as would only use ad hoc.


Korres Black Pine Night Cream – Anti-wrinkle and firming. This has been a really lovely night cream to go through. It’s quite a thick formula that doesn’t particularly disappear into the skin and I must say that is the only black mark I’d put against it if I had to. However is looks luxurious, feels luxurious and smells just as you would imagine given the name. I think if you’ve got dry dehydrated skin then this would be a real treat at bed time. Sadly my skin doesn’t seem to soak it up very quickly and there’s just something about going to bed with a slippery face that doesn’t tickle my pickle. Sorry Korres. Replaced with: Nothing yet.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in ‘Blush’ – As a fan of Batiste this was a dry shampoo I enjoyed using this. It’s the small 50ml size which I’d stuff in my bag when going of my travels. The fragrance is pleasantly floral without being over the top. I’ve actually linked you to the Superdrug website, as they currently have a half price offer. Replaced with: Colab Paradise Dry Shampoo.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ – In truth I am not a big fan of this moisturiser. The actual cream itself isn’t offensive in any way, the texture is thin which I like in a day cream, and the scent was pleasant enough. But it seemed to take forever and a day to absorb into the skin, just kind of sitting on top and lingering which annoyed me especially when I didn’t have all day to let it sink in so I could apply my make up. Because of this I didn’t enjoy using it and but made myself so it didn’t get wasted, usually on a day I knew I wouldn’t be applying make up. I do however think that probably this wasn’t right cream for my skin type as this is for very dry/dry combination skin. So not necessarily the product’s fault, but maybe my own for not properly looking at what I was buying (forgive me, I’m still finding my way!). Replaced with: Was using between my Korres Wild Rose Day Cream.

Humble Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey – This is literally like nasal decadence in a bottle! It smells like the most luxurious of spa’s and facials rolled into one. Not really big on bubble production but great for giving a relaxing and fragrant ambiance at bath time. This is the first and only product I’ve tried from Humble but I certainly intend to learn more about them and what else they have to offer. Annoyingly I can link you to their online store, but I cannot for the life of me find the actual bath honey itself! I did actually buy mine from a local department store. Replaced with: The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Bath Milk.

Sport FX Shape Up Brow Pencil in Blonde – A historic beauty box item! I’ve had this for literally ages, and the only reason this is because it broke. It’s not really a pencil, but more of a twist up creamy consistency. It’s so so soft in texture that it pretty much crumbled and fell off. It was also probably a bit too light for my natural colour. However there is a spoolie on the other end which was handy! – Replaced with: Meech N Mia Browliner.


Organik Botanik Sweet Orange Bath Confetti – This is a concept that I love. Something a little different to the usual bath bomb, it was actually quite fun sprinkling these little round orange discs into the water. undissolved the scent was unreal, so tangy and fruity and perfect for summer. But when actually in the water the orangey vibes failed to continue. All that was left was a gooey mess floating around, and a yellow tint to the water, which looked like I hadn’t made it out of the bath in time! However my four year old son thought they were fab, so even though I wouldn’t rush buy them again for myself, I probably would for him. They also come in a range of difference scents, and the packaging is fun so maybe nice as a little stocking filler. Word of warning, this was another illusive TK Maxx find!

And lastly…

Mitchum 48hr Protection in Powder Fresh – You may have already seen me talk about this in my August Empties post which I will link here. This on was a little 35ml travel size and my handbag buddy. Even though I’m now loving the Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant Balm, I will probably still buy another one of these as they’re easy and effective whilst out and about.

So this brings us to the end of my personal September empties! This month was pretty similar to August in that there was a fair balance of likes and dislikes. However I am finding as I try these various products, especially skin care, I’m getting a good idea of what my skin actually needs and responds well to. It’s definitely taught me that I need to look a little closer at what the lotions and potions are offering to do, and not just get suckered in because of the hype. Trying and experimenting is key, and also what I love about self-care and beauty.

If you can still see me then believe me when I say it’s been nice to see you.

Until next time…

Lou – Pretty Polly Beauty x

Note: The links I have provided are either directly to the brands featured, or to a distributor which has current availability or offers. I am no way linked to any of these companies or have provided links due to personal preference.


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