For The Love Of Face Masks

There are so many different facial skin care products on the market nowadays, all with different promises to do amazing things to our skin. And what was once a treat to be able to go to the beauty salon for a pamper session can now be achieved right from the comfort of our own homes. The one product that really makes me feel like I’m indulging is a good old face mask. Available in so many forms from sheet, mud, cream and now the popular concept of ‘mix your own’, there are plenty of varieties out there to suit all budgets and needs. The reason I feel that the process of using a mask of any sort feels so indulgent, is because it usually involves setting aside time. 10, 20 Minutes that you are able to steal to relax and let the product work its magic. Even if after removal there aren’t any majorly visible differences, the feeling of taking time for you feels good in itself.

I tend to have a stash of masks on hand in my dressing room to grab at any given opportunity, usually sheet masks as they are so easy to put on and offer minimal mess. However yesterday I had a mooch around my trusty local TK Maxx and picked up a couple of newbies to try. In actual fact I came home with 3 sheet masks, one cream and 2 mix your own alternatives to try. There is a brand of Australian powder masks that I’m dying to try but I haven’t quite psyched myself up yet to pay the $20 shipping charge. So at Β£3.99 a pouch these seemed ideal to try in the meantime, and to see if I actually enjoy the process of concocting my own. There also seemed to be a Rose theme to my purchases, and I am a sucker for anything Rose scented!

If you follow me on Instagram you may well have seen my story about the goodies I picked up, but if not I’m just going to briefly run through them…


Sheet Masks

The three I picked up were all different Korean brands, each with different scents and promises of results. The first that really grabbed my eye was a Gold Hydrogel Mask Pack from Petitfee with claims to tone, relax and hydrate the skin. I’m already a fan the Oh K! gold hydrogel mask and in the hopes that this is similar I just had to grab it. I love the way hydrogel masks fit and stick to my face, they feel secure and in constant contact with the skin (no notorious sheet mask flapping!). The next I picked up was a Rose Real Natural Mask Sheet from Nature Republic. As I already mentioned I love rose scents so that was the only real reason I chose it. Lastly was the Lotus Flower Mask from The Yeon. Claims to whiten and brighten (who doesn’t want that!). I’m not really familiar with the properties of Lotus Flower but the packaging was pretty and that was enough for me. I am a fan of the Tony Moly I’m Real range of masks too and they actually had some of these in the store, but as I’ve still got some of my stash left I decided to give something different a go.


Cream Masks

Just the one in this category, and I wasn’t on the hunt for this type of product, but yet again was totally suckered in by the rose. This one is the Super Facialist By Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask. A once or twice a week five-minute mask, which contains Vitamin E, White Willow and Marshmallow Extract which combined supposedly have hydrating, plumping and replenishing properties. It is also said to be suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. I did use this last night during my pre ‘out out’ skin prep and I thought it was lovely. It smelt amazing and did make the skin feel plumper. However I am struggling to find information about this brand’s cruelty free status, so if anyone knows, please let me know in the comments!DSC_0048

Powder Face Masks – ‘Mix Your Own’

I picked up two of these, both by the brand Home & Body Co. They come in 130g brown resealable packs, with simple yet attractive labelling. I think these would make a lovely gift idea. The two I picked up were the Renewing Pink Clay for moisturising and softening, and the other the Stimulating Matcha Green Tea for rejuvenating and giving a youthful glow. The instructions read as pretty simple to use, just mixing 1/2 a teaspoon of powder with water, until it forms a paste. Then simply apply, leave on for five minutes then rinse away. I’m really looking forward to using these as I think they will be fun to mix and I’ve heard that pink clay in particular does amazing things for the skin. These are also talc free which I’m glad these haven’t been packed with as a filler.


Eye Masks

This is the last item from yesterday’s mask haul, and yep you’ve guessed it, it’s got rose in it! It’s the Rose Petal Eye Masks from Nature Love for brightening and hydrating the under eye area. The box comes with 5 individually wrapped pairs which contain Sodium Hyaluronate, Rose Extracts and Aloe Vera. These are recommended to be left on for 10-20 minutes and are suitable for all skin types.

So as you can see there are a variety of different and fun products you can get your hands on, that all seem to be fairly fuss free yet have a sense of luxury to them. TK Maxx is a great place to pick new products up, but I do often find that If I find something once, that I’m often likely to struggle to find it again in the future, and have an issue even source it elsewhere. (as I do with my beloved Charcoalogy face wash!).

I imagine I will be posting on Instagram my thoughts about these products over the coming weeks when I’ve had chance to give them a good go, and have formed some good solid opinions. Are there any masks that you swear by and think are worth a try? If so, let me know! I’d love to hear from you x

Thanks for stopping by…

Louise – Pretty Polly Beauty x


15 thoughts on “For The Love Of Face Masks

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    TkMaxx is so good. My fave shop, that and Homesense, I could spend hours in there! These sound really interesting, I’m not really one for face masks but I do occasionally. I’ve been seeing lots about the sheet masks recently, quite intrigued by those.

    Also Anything Korean beauty I’ve yet to try. Always hearing rave reviews about it.

    Some goood ideas!

    Samantha x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kayleigh @ TheEveryRose says:

    TK Maxx is such a weird one! but they do some amazing stuff, i get really excited in there always saying β€˜omg they do this’ or β€˜they do that’ – and at bargain prices too! I seriously need to get my hands on Super Facialist!! Another one to add to the list πŸ˜‚ xx

    Liked by 1 person

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