August Empties

Hi Lovelies,

How are we already in September?! This year is absolutely flying by, I even let the thought of Christmas pressies for my minibabe enter my head this week. (Too early for some I know, sorry!)

As quickly as 2017 is passing, so has the amount of beauty and skincare products I’ve stormed through this month. Some of them samples from beauty subscriptions, others products I already know and love, and others newbies I wanted to try out.

So without further ado, this is what I’ve got through…

The Body Shop Camomile Make Up Remover – Absolutely love this stuff. The formula is a part oil, part liquid solution that you shake to mix together. Aimed at removing tough eye and lip products this stuff works wonders. There’s nothing I’ve worn so far it can’t budge and it’s very gentle which is perfect, especially as the delicate eyes and lips are the areas we often apply products that have the most stying power to. It is suitable for sensitive skin, is cruelty free and leaves the skin feeling clean and nourished. Replaced with: Same product.

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle – A beauty box sample. Described as ‘A tinted multi-vitamin serum to perfect and cover skin imperfections’. I really liked this little tube, but I can’t wrap my head around why! This shouldn’t be confused with a fake tan type product as the ‘tinted’ part of this should be said very lightly. The amount of colour it provides is minimal, but there is just enough there to notice a subtle difference. I’m really impressed with how this applies though. It glides onto the skin, works in effortly and leaves no streaking or patchiness at all. Formula wise it’s nothing heavy like the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (which I see as more of a foundation for legs anyway!), it’s lightweight and minimally blurs out uneven colour and texture. If I saw this on offer I would consider buying, but at full price of £37 for 120ml, I’m not sure I could justify it. We’ll see how I’m feeling next spring and am craving some glow! Replaced with: None.

Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Conditioner – I cannot for the life of me tell you how long I’ve had this, but it’s finally empty! This mahoosive 750ml bottle goes a long way, but think I got into the habit of picking it up and putting it down because I got bored, and I was starting to get sick of the sight of it. If you love sweet scents then you’ll probably adore this. It smells amazing, and has a rich consistancy. Results wise it’s not out of this world, but is a treat for coloured hair. I used to use this more as a conditioning mask. Would maybe buy again in the future, but would prefer a smaller bottle. Replaced with: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner.

The Body Shop British Rose Bath Foam – As I adore rose scented anythings, I didn’t have to think twice about picking this up. This 250ml bottle has lasted all of two minutes in our house, as it’s gone into mine, the hubby’s and my son’s baths. The scent is not overpowering, but yet fresh. I do have a tendancy to get a bit footloose and fancy free with bubble bath, so my own fault it hasn’t lasted long, and would 100% purchase it again. Replaced with: The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Bath Milk (as was already in the cupboard!).

Essano Rosehip Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser – This one did nothing for me. The scent is really soapy, almost verging on that of bathroom cleaner! Considering it’s described as foaming I really struggled to get any amount of suds, and just didn’t get the feeling that it was cleansing anything! Another product I was trying to get out of the way to be honest in a bid not to be wasteful. On the up side I do like the packaging, and am a sucker for anything with a pump top! Replaced with: Charcoalogy Detoxifying Face Wash.

Mitchum 48HR Protection Deodorant in Powder Fresh – Up until recently I’d been using Mitchum products for a long time. I like the scents, they’re effective and last well. I don’t know if I’d neccessarily agree with the 48hr claim, but you’d be doing well to find a deodorant that actually does last that long! Since discovering natural deodorant I’ve not replenished this, and I’ve also discovered that Mitchum products aren’t cruelty free, which is influencing more of my purchases nowadays. Replaced with: Native Unearthed Coconut Vanilla Natural Deodorant Balm.

Louise Galvin Natural Locks Conditioner – Yes, another conditioner. But this was more of a regularly used product, and I really liked it. This one is aimed at dry/damaged hair and it’s been great for my bleach treated locks. Scent wise it’s very fresh, even though I didn’t pick up on any notes of the sweet almond, linseed or honey extracts. It gives off more of a herby lemon fragrance, which never the less is lovely. Very conditioning and works well into the hair, with no horrible residue after rinsing. Would certainly repurchase, but it was an illusive TK Maxx find, and sadly has never been seen again. Replaced with: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner.

Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil – A desperate attempt to shrink my facial volcanoes. I’ve seen Tea Tree oil suggested as a pimple treatment over and over again, but personally saw little effect apart from a bit of stinging. Nothing wrong with the product itself, just putting it down to it not being a good fit for my skin. Replaced with: The Ordinary Salysilic Acid 2%.

Tony Moly Sheet Masks – Have been using these sparingly as my stash is dwindling, but have used the Makgeoli Purifying and the Pomegranate Elasticity masks. Love the way these fit to my face, they’re packed enough with product/solution without ending up needing an outfit change due to it dripping everywhere. As to whether they actually provide the results they’re aimed at targeting is down to personal use in my opinion. I don’t come away looking like a new woman but find them very refreshing and comfortable to wear. Plus love that there is a wide selection to try. Replaced with: remaining Tony Moly stash.

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water – Another beauty box sample, and if you saw my recentish Instagram post you’ll already know I wasn’t a fan of this. I found it very effective at actually removing make up but it was really harsh, especially around the eye area. My skin felt stripped which confuzzled me as it is supposedly made up of 99% natural ingredients. Maybe my expectations were slightly off? The fragrance was neither here nor there. Not for me this one I’m afraid. Replaced with: Soap & Glory Total Drama Clean Micellar Water.

Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Masks – Dual function relaxing and soothing hydrogel 20 minute masks. The pack came with three pairs, each pair individually wrapped. With collagen and green tea they aim to relieve puffy eyes, diminish fine lines and under eye shadows. Really really like these. They’re easy to apply, feel comfortable to wear and stay in place perfectly with no slipping or sliding down the cheeks. Bonus is they are very reasonably priced too at £4.95 for the three. After use my under eye skin feels gently tightened and firm. Who doesn’t want that!! Planning to repurchase this week. Replaced with: Haven’t as of yet.

Well I hope you’re still awake and found my empties run down informative! Let me know if you guys have had similar experiences with any of these products, or even totally different thoughts. I love to hear suggestions on new products, and interesting ways to use existing ones.

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick – I was so sad when this ran out! And made every attempt to scrape every last bit out of the container. It is as a very gentle exfoliator that comes in a handy little twistable stick (great for travels). Gentle enough for daily use, and doubles up as a mask! Plus I love creating a charcoal beard in the shower to amuse myself! As Tarte isn’t particularly easy to get hold of in the UK and the US shipping charges are quite hefty, I’m going to wait until I have a few things to order, but would 100% buy this again.
Until the next post…

With love

Lou – Pretty Polly Beauty x

3 thoughts on “August Empties

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    This is such a great post idea, love how you mentioned what you replaced with. I had some of the This Works legs too, just a sample size. I didn’t use it on my legs as there wouldn’t have been enough but I did try it on my face! Actually liked it and didn’t get any Ill effects! 😂

    I like Balance Me, I’ve tried a couple of their products but haven’t seen this one. It’s always annoying when a product disappoints.

    Glad you’re enjoying the John Frieda conditioner!
    Great post lovely.

    Samantha x

    Liked by 1 person

    • prettypollybeauty says:

      Thank you lovely 😊! Yes I’m thoroughly enjoying the conditioner, you hit the nail on the head with that one. The perfect legs is such an in between product, it’s neither one or another, but I still like it! And yes, shame about the miscellar water, but unfortunately not everything we try is a perfect fit for us. Still love trying them out though 😄 x

      Liked by 1 person

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