Summer Skin & The Beginning of Acne

Summer is the favourite time of year for many of us, me included. The sunshine, glorious food, and a sun kissed tan all make me quite giddy! There’s definitely something about this time of year that gives me a sense of inner joy. No doubt the boost in Vitamin D helps. 
I also feel less inclined to pile on the make up and let my skin breathe a little. Waking up on a warm summer’s day and not even thinking twice about applying heavy foundation. Maybe just a spot of BB or CC cream, a little mascara and lippie sets me up for the day. Making the most of that feeling until the summer days fade away into a distant memory.

I must admit I don’t hang onto the coat tails of sun screen as much as I ought to. However so many great products out there include even very low levels in their list of ingredients. A favourite of mine this year has been Bourjoi’s 123 Perfect CC Cream. It’s very lightweight, almost watery in texture. Worked into the skin with a buffing brush gives an even barely there coverage, but enough to result in a natural healthy looking glow. It promotes to provide SPF15, which is great knowing that there is some form of protection against the sun’s rays in an everyday, easy to reach for product. It also comes in a small selection of different shade from Ivory through to Bronze.
If I fancy really going for the real deal no make up look, I reach for the Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Tinted Moisturiser. This is a very subtle gradual tanner, which is very hydrating and affordable. Like the Bourjois CC cream, this also offers an SPF of 15. But whether or not I reach for this can totally depends on whether my skin likes me or not on that particular day!

Since hitting my late 20’s I’ve developed the joy that is acne. Being the creation of a mother with oily acne prone skin, and a father with eczema I always thought I’d sail off into the sunset with perfectly balanced skin, with both of their skin traits cancelling eachother out. And they did! Until about a year ago. Now all of a sudden I am hit with really painful breakouts, particularly in the chin and back areas, that seem to last forever and a day. I go through the constant battle of ‘I have to cover these volcanoes’ to ‘clogging my pores with make up can’t be doing them any good’! The confusing part is that I can go for weeks at a time with no break outs, and then all of a sudden BAHM! Volcano city. This can be during consistant use of products, with no change in my skincare routine. Granted I do try various new items here and there, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious pattern emerging. So I’m just putting it down to inheriting my mumma’s skin and/or hoping it’s hormonal due to contraception. I would say I like surprises but I didn’t like this one! 

As many of us do I’m ready and willing to try any spot treatment that might remotely have a chance of working, including prescribed tablets and lotions from the doctors. Zinoryt seems to be quite effective.

So, for me summer is not just about the sunshine, the food and the tan, but about embracing a more natural aura and feeling a little more confident in my own skin.

So let’s soak up the sun (with appropriate protection of course) and enjoy it whilst it lasts. 

With love

Lou x

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